The next DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3 will focus on ogres, greenskins and Khorne


Total War: Warhammer 3 apparently still isn’t Total or Warhammer enough, as Creative Assembly continues to update its strategy giant. While last year’s roadmap suggested we should expect something Slaanesh-inspired next, according to the latest news shared by the community manager on Discord, “Khorne, Ogre Kingdoms, and Greenskins are taking center stage in the next DLC, which will be released later this year.”

The Giants are currently missing mercenary captain Golgfag Maneater, a character that has been a part of tabletop gaming since the 1980s, but your guess is as good as mine as to who we’ll see representing the other two armies completing this expansion. However, we know we can’t expect too much from it, as Total War community lead Adam Freeland has previously said, “the current intention is to avoid creating something with such a large scope so that we can help keep both the value and the price right for you.” “

The bug fix updates we usually get between expansions will continue, with an announcement on Discord stating that “our patch teams will spend more time with the base game between now and the DLC release to bring some fresh ideas to life.”

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More information will be available in a message from senior game director Richard Aldridge scheduled for June 26. Update 5.1 will also be released at the end of the month, which will feature another free legendary hero: Karanak, the Dog of Vengeance, who is a three-year-old dog-headed demon.

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