The Fallout Pack is coming to Call of Duty next Thursday


This was revealed by Activision Blizzard Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will receive A Fall Pack later this week and that players will earn as part of the crossover event Fall– Themed cosmetics and bonus XP as you fight to save the world in style.

The Call of Duty X Fallout PackI’ll stop by Call of Duty: MW3 this week Thursday, June 20, 2024. Adds over 15 fresh items to the game, all based on Fall franchise. I don’t know about you, but for me it takes a long time for a game to sell me cosmetics, and having those cosmetics related to one of my favorite universes is a great way to convince me to spend money.

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Worlds collide when the inhabitants of Vault 141 appear Call of Duty: MW3

The Call of Duty X Fallout Pack it’s almost here. When it arrives on Thursday, you’ll have access to the bundle of fresh cosmetics they’re bringing Fall franchise in Call of Duty. Below is a list of most of the items offered in the package.

  • Four “Vault 141” operator skins.
  • HRM-9 “Atomic Disintegrator” weapon diagram.
  • M16 Weapon Blueprint “Vault-Tec Approved”.
  • “Let’s do it!” and the Fat Man Spell.
  • “Wasteland Workshop” calling card.
  • Large “You are special” sticker.
  • “Vault-Tec Engineer” emblem.
  • “Nuka-Cola Walk” sticker.
  • Six loading screens including “Nuka-Cola”, “Please Wait”, “Survivors’ Journey”, “Sanctuary Heights”, “Vault 141” and “Restoring Democracy”

The trailer showcases the “Vault-Tec Approved” M16 weapon design, which transforms your M16 into something that Vault-Tec is sure to release these days. It’s blue and yellow and has the iconography of Vault 141, in case there’s anything weird where you popped out from.

In addition to the fresh cosmetics, all players can participate in the Fallout: Vault Dwellers event that appears in the bundle. this will add fresh challenges for players to complete, and anyone wearing the fresh gear will be able to earn additional XP for a restricted time. Players can earn the following additional items by participating in the event, which runs from June 20 to June 28, 2024.

  • Large “Republic of New California” sticker.
  • “Nuka-Cola Cap” emblem.
  • “Slocum’s Joe” sticker.
  • Amulet “Nuka-Cola”.
  • “Nuka-Cola Quantum” weapon camouflage.

Perhaps the best part of this pack is that it adds Vault-Tec tags and the VATS death effect to the game. These are the closest things you’ll see VATS to Call of Dutyand judging by what those green orbs look like in the trailer, I think a lot of people will like them Fall fans when they arrive. Just remember that they won’t actually stop the action and you have to manually target the enemy’s body parts.

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