The Elden Ring community loves the fresh Shadow of the Erdtree thrust shields


Is the fresh Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, too arduous? Opinions are divided, but fortunately there are a number of options to make the add-on more doable if you’re struggling. One that’s particularly beloved by the community right now is one of the fresh weapons introduced in the add-on: the thrusting shields.

The Elden Ring community has reached a consensus: these shields are good. Really good. There are tens With Threads on Ring of Fire subreddit praising them in the last few weeksWith one thread in particular shot to the top of the subreddit in recent days with the following topic: “The new push shields are the strongest weapon in the entire game and they don’t even come close. The NG+ DLC completely destroyed them. Push shields can be enchanted with any affinity/damage type, making them incredibly versatile. And it’s just so much fun to squeeze the charm out of any boss!”

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Based on all the votes and comments, the community agrees. Some even suggest that shields are too good and that they are bugged, although other players they claim that their perfection is an intentional behavior.

If you’re not familiar with thrusting shields, this fresh type of weapon was added in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion along with other weapons like perfume bottles, melee arts, and throwing blades. Unfortunately, there are only two of these shields in the entire game: the Dueling Shield and the Carian Thrusting Shield. These shields allow players to attack and defend at the same time, and the two-handed thrusting shield designs are particularly powerful, allowing players to perform jumping thrusts that deal high damage while also protecting themselves from enemy attacks. And when you throw certain talisman or flask perks on top of it (such as the Two-Handed Sword Talisman or Deflecting Hardtear), the design becomes even more powerful.

The thrust shields are so effective that one player managed to defeat Messmer with them… using a saxophone as a controller.

Regardless of your thoughts on the push shield build, it was inevitable that with time and practice people would find absurd fresh build combinations in Shadow of the Erdtree that allowed for “cheese” boss strategies. While the expansion can be brutal, tricks like this can aid players get through the toughest fights. That, or just finding enough Scadutree fragments, as everyone keeps telling them.

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