The Boys’ Antony Starr reveals why Homelander just can’t stop drinking so much milk


Homelander may be a terrifying interpretation of Superman, but the heroes of The Boys have a deep love of milk, as Antony Starr kindly informed them.

Milk Fetishes: Some people have them. It’s a fact that everything is someone’s thing, and in the world of The Boys, it just so happens that the world’s strongest superhero, Homelander, has one. It’s a trait that makes it easier to laugh at Homelander when he’s not murdering people in horrific ways, and adds a touch of levity to an sometimes hefty show. In a recent interview with Rolling StoneStarr, the actor who plays the evil Superman, opened up about how the whole milk story came about and how he wanted things to get weirder.

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The Boys was renewed for a fifth season in May, and despite recent comments from showrunner Eric Kripke, it appears this will be the last season, so enjoy the milk jokes while you can.

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