The best Steam Deck docks in 2024


If you are looking for best steam deck docking station, we are here to assist you with options to suit every situation. As the popularity of the Vavle portable console continues to grow following its February 2022 launch, the demand for high-quality docking stations has never been greater – and it’s straightforward to see why. These pocket-sized powerhouses offer better connectivity, glossy charging, versatile display options, and more, and we’ve rounded up all the best ones to meet your gaming needs.

With this guide, you can discover the top competitors on the market and make an informed decision on the right docking solution, whether you’re looking for portability, budget, or the best around. Thanks to these little beauties, the differences between Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck are tipping more and more in Valve’s favor.

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Here are the best Steam Deck docks:

The best multiport Steam Deck

Technical data of Syntech 6 in 1 mini docking station:

USB ports 4
Ethernet Yes
Reasons for purchase

  • Versatile
  • Accessible
  • Compact

The Syntech 6-in-1 Mini Dock has many advantages, including price and size, but it’s one option you simply must consider if you’re looking for a Steam Deck dock with multi-port versatility. This product is equipped with three USB ports, an Ethernet port and an HDMI port, making it ideal for a wide range of needs. If you want complete information about the product, you can read our Syntech dock review for more information.

So are there any reasons not to choose Syntech 6 in 1? Its design isn’t as nice as the official Steam Deck and has a malleable feel, and thanks to its curved shape, access to some ports can be challenging. However, considering the price, the 6-in-1 Mini Dock offers so much while sacrificing very little.

JSAUX HB0603 docking station

Overall the best Steam Deck dock

Technical data of the JSAUX HB0603 docking station:

USB ports 2
Ethernet Yes
Reasons for purchase

  • Excellent value
  • Extremely versatile

Accessible? Yes. Multiple ports? Yes. Good power delivery? Yes. Ethernet compatible? Yes. Portable? Yes. You get the picture.

The JSAUX HB0603 docking station is the perfect solution for all your docking needs, with only the smallest of drawbacks. It’s a brilliant all-rounder and a great option to start with before deciding whether you need a dock with additional specs.

So what are the disadvantages? Admittedly, it’s tough to point out too many cons to the JSAUX HB0603 Docking Station because it’s such a basic option that ticks all the boxes. However, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase. Firstly, the set only has two USB ports, which is more than enough for most cases, but it doesn’t offer the flexibility of a product with three or more ports, and the placement of the Ethernet port is also a bit awkward if that’s what you operate.

Valve Steam Deck docking station

The best official Steam Deck dock

Technical specifications of the Valve Steam Deck dock:

USB ports 3
Ethernet Yes
Reasons for purchase

  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Designed for Steam Deck

Sometimes you want the real deal, and in that case, you might consider parting with more cash to secure yourself an official Valve Steam Deck. What do you get for this increased price? First of all, a high-quality, well-made, solid Steam Deck docking station, designed specifically for your portable console, which will function flawlessly for many years. This isn’t some flimsy piece of throwaway kit: it’s built to last.

If this sounds attractive to you, and of course it does, here are further advantages. Valve’s Steam Deck docking solutions suite comes with an extra USB-C charger that’s never handy. What’s more useful about Steam Deck Docking, however, is that as an official Valve accessory, updating via SteamOS is much easier than unofficial alternatives that need to be connected to a Windows PC. Yes, it’s just a comfort accessory, but it’s a very comfortable accessory.

Does all this offset the higher price tag associated with Valve’s product? It’s up to you, but if not, we’ll assist you.

Anker USB-C Hub

The best budget Steam Deck

Anker USB-C Hub Specs:

USB ports 3
Ethernet NO

Small and basic is the best way to describe Anker’s fantastic USB-C hub, which works as a perfectly capable docking solution for your Steam DecAAk with some substantial benefits. At the top of this list is, of course, low cost. The Anker USB-C Hub price offers incredible value for money, providing a powerful (100W) portable dock with three neat USB ports. So what’s the catch?

While the Anker USB-C hub will be more than enough for most Steam Dock owners, if you take your games extremely seriously, you may want to look elsewhere. The product is not Ethernet compatible nor has it been designed with perfect cable management in mind, which means if you want to become a professional gamer you may want to look for something more specialized.

Belkin USB-C hub

The ultimate multi-functional Steam Deck

Belkin USB-C Hub Specifications:

USB ports 3
Ethernet Yes
Reasons for purchase

  • Many uses
  • Perfect design

Maybe you need a product that can be more than just a Steam Deck dock, which is admittedly a pretty niche requirement. If you lend your Steam Deck to someone or decide to put it aside for a few months, your investment will still be covered by the Belkin Multi-Function USB-C Hub, a docking station that’s designed to prioritize laptop compatibility. This immediately makes the Belkin USB-C hub a great choice if you like multi-functional accessories.

This is a brilliantly designed wedge-shaped product that is perfect for placing in the corner of your desk without taking up too much space. HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports make it versatile and strong. The downside is that because Belkin designed this dock for laptops, it’s a bulky piece of kit that you won’t want to carry around if you travel a lot – in which case you’ll want a more portable option. It’s also more high-priced than many other options, though it’s probably worth it if you plan to operate the Belkin USB-C hub for both your Steam Deck and your laptop.

Acefast GaN Smart PD charger hub

The best portable Steam Deck

Acefast GaN Smart PD Charger Hub Technical Specifications:

USB ports 2
Ethernet Yes
Reasons for purchase

  • Portable and compact
  • Fast charger

Did someone say portable? The Acefast GaN Smart PD Charger Hub is a Steam Deck dock that can actually fit in your pocket, making it almost unbeatable if your top priority is having a dock that’s straightforward to transport and operate on the go. This option also works as a great swift charger – useful for long trips – which makes its compact design even more portable. Have a long flight coming up? No problem.

This is expected to come with some downsides: you can’t make something this compact without some compromise. The Acefast GaN Smart PD charger hub only has one built-in USB port and no Ethernet port. This makes it narrow if your priority is using it at home, on your desk. However, the most likely reason you’re considering the Acefast GaN Smart PD charger hub is because you want it to be portable, in which case you probably won’t notice its flaws at all.

How we choose the best Steam Deck docks

When choosing Steam Deck docks, we consider several things.

First we ask whether it is only compatible with Steam Deck or other products too, then we look portability, shape, comfort and power offered. Then, of course, we also take into account the pricenot everyone can afford to spend a lot of cash on a more elite Steam Deck, and sometimes the requirements are simpler.

In addition, other design elements should also be taken into account – e.g. We always give extra points for including additional ports, such as USB and Ethernet, to provide more room for flexibility and customization. To get a better look at what we do with our technology, here you will find a test page where everything is covered.

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