The best Roblox developer package costs just $25, but it won’t last long


Every aspiring game developer should read this A modest Roblox package offering packed with over a thousand game resources and tons of tutorials. You can get content worth 2k. dollars for just $25 and donate it to charity at the same time. Plus you can’t find this content anywhere else.

Roblox is already an extremely popular platform for game developers to hone their skills, but it can be complex to know where to start, which is where the complete Roblox online course comes into play. This exclusive Humble Bundle offer is packed with instructional materials for level design, script writing, and game asset creation, all tailored to the needs of Roblox game developers of all skill levels.

Even if you plan on making an indie game outside of Roblox one day, this pack is more than worth the price for the resource packs alone. Since they are compatible with Roblox, Unreal Engine, Unity, and Godot, you can utilize them again and again in your future career as a game developer. Many courses also focus on other non-Roblox topics, such as 3D modeling in Blender.

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Here is a complete list of all the courses and resource packs included in the package Complete the Roblox Humble Bundle online course: :

  • Master the art of Lua: advanced scripting techniques in Roblox Studio
  • Generate Low Poly 3D models for game development with Mesha AI, Blender 4 and Roblox
  • Complete Roblox Development: Map Design and Resource Modeling with Blender 4.1
  • Create multiplayer games for beginners in Roblox Studio
  • Creating advanced multiplayer games in Roblox Studio
  • Design your first action-packed FPS game in Roblox Studio
  • Advanced techniques for creating an FPS game in Roblox Studio
  • Improve your skills: Intermediate Lua Scripting Masterclass in Roblox Studio
  • Create an epic multiplayer Loot Rush game in Roblox Studio
  • Create your first arena fighting game in Roblox Studio
  • Mastering the creation of advanced arena fighting games in Roblox Studio
  • Adventure awaits: Build your first Obby game in Roblox Studio
  • Expert strategies for creating Obby games in Roblox Studio
  • Low Poly models for Roblox, Godot, Unity and Unreal with sample projects
  • Creating field games in Roblox Studio for everyone
  • Build a game in Roblox Studio for beginners and all ages
  • Gameplay development in Roblox Studio
  • Intermediate game development in Roblox Studio
  • User Experience Design in Roblox Studio Game Development
  • Start Missions: Create exhilarating challenges in Roblox Studio
  • Advanced game development in Roblox Studio
  • Creating character games in Roblox Studio
  • The best game developer lab in Roblox Studio
  • Creating the best sports games in Roblox Studio
  • Creating strategy games in Roblox Studio
  • From concept to creation in Roblox Video Game Studio
  • Build an Escape the Maze Speedrunner game in Roblox Studio
  • Money mechanics in Roblox game development
  • Roblox Studio Essentials: Unlock the Basics
  • Start your journey: Lua scripts for beginners in Roblox Studio
  • Optimize a Low Poly model of a meadow house for Roblox Studio using texture baking in Blender 4
  • 3D Modeling with Generative AI for Roblox with Luma Labs AI and Blender 4.1
  • Mesh AI Mastery: Create 3D models for Roblox Studio using advanced high-speed engineering
  • Developing the red panda ‘Officer Bamboo’ for Roblox Studio using Blender 4 and AI-powered design
  • Wild West Adventures in Roblox: Creating 3D Animal Cowboys Using Blender 4 and AI Techniques
  • Building AI-generated Low Poly Robots for Roblox Studio in Blender 4
  • From Blender to Roblox: Creating an AI-Generated Samurai Rabbit
  • Creating a 3D Low Poly Fox for Roblox Studio using Blender 4
  • Creating Low Poly Red Panda 3D Models in Blender for Roblox Game Development
  • Spaceship Modeling for Roblox: Low Poly 3D Techniques in Blender 4
  • Blender for Roblox: 3D modeling swords and RPG items with AI assist
  • Designing Low Poly Cartoon RPG Elements for Roblox using Blender 4
  • Low Poly Knight Modeling for Roblox Studio: Blender 4 Integration with Unreal Engine

To get this mega resource pack, you need to purchase it until Thursday, July 11, 2024. Donations are made to the Children’s Miracle Foundation, which funds critical treatments and services for children at 170 member hospitals throughout the United States and Canada.

Here’s the full breakdown of the Roblox Humble Bundle. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own game, check out our list of fun Roblox games while you’re here, or learn more about UGC Limited Roblox codes. If you’re craving freebies, we also have Roblox game codes for virtually every game on the platform.

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