The best Jinhsi build in Wuthering Waves – weapons, echoes and team compositions


As expected by the Jinzhou Magistrate, Jinhsi is definitely the best Spectro DPS in the entire Windy wavesa title she received for her ability to deal massive damage by performing Resonance Liberation and Resonance Skill variants while in her Incarnation and Ordination Glow states.

But while she is capable of wielding the power of a guardian, she will still need a specific build if you want to potentially boost her already high damage. Here is the best Jinhsi build in Windy waves and a few teammates will definitely allow her to perform at her best.

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The best weapon for Jinhsi

As with most of the recommended 5-star resonators, the best weapon for Jinhsi Windy waves this is her signature Ages of harvest. Weapons crafted for her will offer a 12% boost in Spectro DMG Bonus and a 24.3% boost in Critical Hit Rate – the latter at level 90. Ages of Harvest will also allow Jinhsi to activate the Ageless Marking and Ethereal Endowment effects after performing her Intro and Ethereal Endowment skills respectively. Resonance. Both effects will give her a 24% bonus to her Resonance skill DMG and will last 12 seconds. All values ​​listed here are for Rank 1 weapons.

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If you plan to skip her weapon to save resources for Changli, Jiyan Green Peak will be my main choice. Once equipped, the weapon will grant Jinhsi a 12% Spectro DMG boost and boost her Heavy Attack DMG bonus by 24% after she performs both her pre-skill and trigger skill. The weapon will also offer a total of 48.6% Crit DMG at level 90.

For F2P players, my top pick is the 5-star Lustrous Razor given its massive attack boost. You can get this weapon for free by selecting it as a 5-star Weapon Supply Chest. You can check out how to get the Supply Chest in our How to Get All Free 5 and 4 Star Weapons article Windy waves guide.

The best 4-star weapon

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The ultimate 4-star weapon for Jinhsi is exclusive to the Battle Pass Autumn trailsince Broadblade will offer a similar amount of Crit Rate compared to our top two 5-star choices. The 4-star also fits her playstyle, allowing her to gain up to a 20% ATK boost after performing Basic and Heavy Attacks. Unless you plan on getting the Battle Pass, my top pick would be Helios Cleaver.

To summarize, here is an overview of the best weapons for Jinhsi WuWaand how to get them:

Top 5 weapons (in order) Basic Causes How to get to
1. Ages of Harvest (BiS) Critical Hit Chance Big skill boost and Spectro DMG. Huge boost in critical hit rate. Recommended Gacha
2. Green Peak Criticize DMG Increases Crit DMG and Resonance DMG. Recommended Gacha
3. Lustrous Razor (Best Free App) ATK Huge boost in ATK. Gacha / Free via 5 Star Weapon Chest
4. Autumn trace Critical Hit Chance Massive boost to critical hit rate and great attack boost. Premium Battle Ticket
5. Helios Cleaver ATTACK Great attack boost Gacha

Best Sonata and Echoes for Jinhsi

The best Sonata for Jinhsi is the 5-echo Heavenly Light. Sonata will give her a enduring 10% boost in Spectro damage. Jinhsi will also be able to boost her height by 30% for 15 seconds after performing the Resonance skill.

According to the game’s history, Jué is definitely the best main echo for Jinhsi. The reason for this is that she can boost her Resonance skill’s overall DMG by 16% and deal 16% Spectro DMG per second to all targets hit for a total of 15 seconds. Since out-of-field echo attacks deal resonance skill damage, they can be amplified through passive means. If you still haven’t purchased Jué, my top pick would be Mourning Aix. For the remaining echoes, choose two elites and two commons to create a 4-3-3-1-1 composition.

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The best statistics and substatistics

As you can see above, I recommend choosing Crit Rate for our primary echo (only choose Crit DMG if you managed to reach at least 60% Rate without it). For the other choices, choose Spectro DMG Bonus and ATK pairs. Sub-statistically, prioritize the following in that order.

  • Critical Hit Rate > Critical Hit Damage > ATK > Resonance Skill Damage Bonus

The best teams for Jinhsi

Since the foundation of her kit and main source of damage is her resonance skills, the best team for Jinhsi will have her as their main DPS, Verina as their healer, and Taoqi as their support.

While Taoqi won’t deal any damage to your team out of bounds, her massive 38% Deepen Outro Skill DMG Resonance buff will allow you to take Jinhsi’s damage to the skies. Using Yinlin can also work for those looking to buff Jinhsi’s Liberation while adding a significant amount of out of bounds damage to the mix. Verina, on the other hand, will be able to constantly buff and heal your team while also increasing her already high energy gathering efficiency. If you don’t have her, Baizhi would be my top choice for a healer spot.

Those who prefer a more offensive approach can also exploit Resonance Chain 4 Spectro Rover as a healer, as they will be able to heal extensively by performing Resonance Liberation.

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