The best items in SlimeWorld: the best items for players!



1. The best item in SlimeWorld: a mine slot

The most purchased item at SlimeWorld is the Mine Slot and Mine Pack. You can check the prices in the table below. In infinite mode, the mine slot allows you to place 1-star slime, so you earn more gold as you complete rounds. There are a total of 6 slots available.

By opening all 6 slots, you can activate the quick start mode in infinite mode. This mode gives you 23,000 gold at the beginning, allows you to select high-quality slimes, and starts on the 31st round. This makes mining gigantic amounts of Orichalcum easier and faster in Infinite mode.

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Hint about the location of the mine:

The up-to-date Full Pack item includes 5 Mine Slots, 3 Infinity Map Skins, 3 Boosters, 20 Sapphires and 10 Tickets. It is perfect for up-to-date users and those who are not sure which products to buy. This package is available with a 25% discount, making it easier to employ SlimeWorld.

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2. Best SlimeWorld Item: Sapphire

The second most purchased item is Sapphire, the primary currency in SlimeWorld used in Endless Mode, Arena Mode, Arena Bonuses, and the Shop.

Sapphire tip:

Sapphires are used extensively in all SlimeWorld content. When you purchase the “Sapphire 55 x2” package, you receive 110 sapphires for the price of 55, making it a highly recommended purchase.

3. Best item in SlimeWorld: Lucky Slime Egg

The third most popular item is the Lucky Slime Egg, which is priced at $19.99. This item offers a random chance to win NFTs of all tiers, including a 1% chance to win a Legendary NFT worth $2,600, making it a fan favorite.

Happy Slime Egg Tip:

While a single Lucky Slime Egg retails for $19.99, purchasing a Lucky Slime Package gets you a discount. This bundle deal is recommended for the best value.

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