The artist’s brief film Helldivers 2 shows a grim and brutal fight against insects


Hell Divers 2 manages to feel like a fairly upbeat game, despite the fact that you’re constantly at war with a faction of giant alien worms and war machines that want to tear humans apart. Now Calars_Art has released a 3D version of the much darker galaxy seen in the game.

Calars_Art is an artist who creates attractive 3D renders that draw you into their worlds. They are incredibly well-made and a testament to the artist’s skills. The creators’ latest works Hell Divers 2 piece takes the universe players know and love and paints it in a slightly different lightweight. The Helldiver at the center is larger than most we control in the game, and uses a custom Quasar Cannon to blast the massive army of Terminids beneath them.

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What if everything in Hell Divers 2 was bigger and scarier?

Original art is included in video compilation as well as on the game’s subreddit. It’s brief, even shorter than the amazing 60-second Hellpod fan film created around the game’s launch. But it still somehow hits all the right notes of how to play Hell Divers 2 even though it’s a much darker and grimmer vision of this universe.

Helldiver retreats from the mission as Terminids begin attacking them, but they hold off the largest of them, the Bile Titan, with a shot from their custom Quasar Cannon, which is held like a minigun. I love the little touch that Helldiver is chained to the ship, which should keep them fighting even if they get hit during the extraction.

However, what really sets the video apart from the game is the fact that there are buildings in it. There aren’t many of them, but there are enough of them to make the planet look like it’s been lost to the vermin and the Helldivers are there to reclaim it. Almost like they’re Space Marines reclaiming the world from the Xenos in Warhammer 40K.

Fans on Hell Divers 2 subreddit where was this posted I love this video. User Zestyclose_Way_2276 said, “damn cool” and August_Bebel explained, “Makes me wish the heavier the armor, the less recoil it would have due to the sheer mass of the Helldiver’s armor.”

I really have to agree with the desire to bulk up our Helldivers. I think the game universe strikes the right balance between silliness and military obsession and tugging at our heartstrings. But I still think there’s room for developer Arrowhead Game Studios to bring a bit more grimdark to the game, even if it’s just the colossal Helldiver variants that parade around our Superdestroyers.

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