The 2024 Summoners War World Championship schedule and prizes have been announced


  • The Summoners War 2024 World Championship has revealed recent details
  • The final will take place on November 8 in Tokyo, Japan
  • The qualifying rounds will last throughout August and early September

The Summoners War 2024 World Championship is just around the corner! For Summoners War superfans, this is the esports event of the year, and you probably already know many of the details. But for those who don’t know or just haven’t heard yet, here are all the details about the Summoners War World Championship 2024.

Format: Nothing special, regional qualifiers will be held in the regions of Europe (Berlin), the Americas (Las Vegas) and Asia Pacific (Ho Chi Minh City). This will be preceded by qualifying rounds, open to all players, during which it will be possible to qualify for regional competitions. Sign-ups will be selected based on your World Arena records from Seasons 28-29.

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As for the regional cups, it will be held on October 12 in the Americas, on September 21 in Europe and on October 25 in the Asia-Pacific region. So be sure to tune in to the official Summoners War esports channel to see when they come out live!

Any other details?

Other than that, the only large change this year is that the current qualifiers and regional cups will be played in a best-of-five format. We hope that this will give participants a greater chance to present their skills.

And of course, the World Final will take place on November 8 in Tokyo, Japan! So stay tuned and see who will take home the gold in the 2024 Summoners War World Championship.

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