Testing ROI Validation and Initial Offering Predictions in Closed Beta


Insight into the Orioles

We are excited to announce the ROI Voting Validation Testing Phase! This is a critical step in improving the accuracy and integrity of our ROI prediction markets and we need your aid to make it a success.

Our goal is to ensure that ROI prediction markets are running smoothly and that the validation process is lucid and reliable. We strive to collect valuable feedback and improve the overall experience by engaging our community in this testing phase.

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To express our gratitude for your participation, we have set a prize pool of 100,000 ORI to be distributed on the Public Beta site. The number of validations completed will determine the rank (place on the validator leaderboard), and here’s how the rewards will be distributed:

  • 1st place: 10,000 ORI
  • 2nd-5th place: 5000 ORI each
  • 6-10th place: 3000 ORI each

The remaining ORI will be distributed equally among all participants, including those who finish in the top 10. This will ensure that everyone who contributes to the testing phase is rewarded for their efforts.

Validators’ progress will be updated daily in👉this table.

To participate in the ROI Voting Validation Test, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Access your Closed Beta account (Early-Bird 1 role on Discord)
  • Be at least Level 1 and have a reputation score of 4 or higher.
  1. Get Closed Beta Access: Make sure you have access to your Closed Beta account. Closed Beta ROI testing will take place here: beta.orioleinsights.io
  2. Join the Discord channel:We have created a dedicated #roi-validation-testing channel on our Discord. All test participants who have the “Early Bird—BETA 1” Discord role will have access to this channel.
  3. Confirm and discuss:As a validator, you will verify the voting results, namely the proposed winning option of the Oriole Insights team based on your rating, and provide a rationale for your choice in the Discord channel.

If you meet the criteria for participation, please follow the steps below to join us #roi-validation-testing canal:

  1. Search for the Oriole Insights Closed Beta category.
  2. go to #roi-validation-testing canal.
  3. Introduce yourself and start participating in discussions.
  • Review decision: Carefully examine Oriole’s decision based on the data presented. Conduct due diligence.
  • Agree or disagree: Click the “Agree” or “Disagree” button depending on your rating. Your decision will affect the validation process and will count towards reaching a consensus.
  • Summary and discussion: Check the summary for additional context or clarification that may affect your decision. If you need further clarification or want to discuss this with other validators, you can apply “Open Discord” a button to join a conversation on a social media server.
  • Wait for consensus: Once a vote is taken, the validation process continues until a quorum is reached. If your decision is in line with the majority, the validation process moves forward; if not, Oriole Insights will provide an alternative revalidation result.

Understanding delta is necessary to Oriole Insights’ ROI validation process. This mechanism ensures accuracy, fairness, and community-driven validation.

Delta Validation—the difference required in validator votes to determine whether an answer is correct or incorrect. This difference can be either agreement or disagreement. When delta is reached, it indicates a level of consensus among validators, leading to either reselecting the correct outcome or confirming the initially selected outcome.

Achieving quorum requires agreement between validators, taking into account a set delta parameter, which ensures a fair and true validation process.

When validator users navigate to the validation section of the Oriole Insights platform, they are presented with a clear and structured interface that guides them through the decision-making process.

Information overview

  • Proposed correct score by Oriole Insights: At the top, validators can see the Oriole Insights decision, which indicates the predicted range of outcomes that the platform has temporarily selected. In this case, it is “#7 and #8; price range $0.05-$0.075 and $0.075-$0.1; MC: $349M-$523M and $523M-$697M.”
  • Token List Details:Below is a tiny description of the token, indicating that it was listed on Bybit, KuCoin, OKX, Gate, MEXC, Bitget exchanges, as well as the specific closing price of the 30-minute candle at the time of listing.
  • Contract option: In the next section the validator can see “To disagree” AND “Agree”Validators are expected to review the information and make their decision carefully.
  • Validation pool:The amount displayed here represents the amount of ORI allocated as rewards to validators. For example, “Validation pool: 10,000 ORI” indicates the total ORI value reserved for this validation process.

Agreement and disagreement


  • After choosing “I disagree” or “I agree” option, validators will see confirmation of their selection and the current status of the validation process.
  • This “Scale of consent” shows the percentage of validators who agree or disagree with Oriole’s decision, visually representing the consensus among validators.

Summary and discussion:

  • Validators can see a summary of their decision and the total amount of the validation pool, which in this case is “10,000 ORI”.
  • If further clarification or discussion with other validators is required, validators may apply “Open Discord” button to join the discussion on the community server.

Delta and alternate results:

  • This “Scale of consent” indicates progress towards consensus. If delta 5 is not achieved, Oriole Insights will present an alternative result for validators to consider.
  • This ensures that if a significant proportion of validators disagree with the proposed outcome, an alternative is evaluated to maintain the accuracy and fairness of the prediction market.

Delta not reached

If delta 5 is not achieved during the validation process:

Current state:

  • Validators will see confirmation that delta has not been reached yet.“The scale of the agreement” will show the percentage of validators who agree or disagree with Oriole’s decision, visually representing the lack of consensus.

New round of validator voting:

  • Since the delta was not reached, the validation process will start again with recent options proposed by the Oriole Insights team. This ensures that an alternative outcome is evaluated to maintain the accuracy and fairness of the prediction market.

If no delta or consensus can be reached, a recent round of validation begins with a different proposed set of options by the Oriole Insights team.

Delta reached, validation stage completed

Once the delta is reached and consensus is achieved, the validation stage is complete. Validators will see an updated interface indicating successful completion of the validation process.

Our team will be closely monitoring all processes in the Discord channel. We encourage open communication and will provide support to ensure sleek testing. Your feedback and dynamic participation are necessary to the success of this testing phase.

This testing phase is a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of Oriole Insights and ensure the accuracy and reliability of our ROI prediction markets. Your participation will aid us create a fair, decentralized, lucid validation process that will benefit the community.

Thank you for your support and dedication. Let’s work together to make Oriole Insights the best cryptocurrency prediction platform!

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