Tap-to-Earn Game Clone Script Create your own crypto game with Hivelance’s Tap-to-Earn Game Clone Script – quick and economical!


If you have ever dreamed of creating your own P2E game, Hivelance is here to make that dream come true with its Tap-to-Earn Clone Script.

Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or an established company looking to expand into the lucrative P2E market, Hivelance has a quick and affordable solution for you.

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Hivelance stands out as a leading provider of game development solutions, specializing in tap-to-earn games that combine fun and profit. Their library of clone scripts offers an impressive selection of popular tap-to-earn titles, giving you plenty of options to get started with P2E game development.

Here’s a sample of what they have to offer:

Hamster Kombat Clone Script

Engage players in a fun and addictive clicker game where they battle cute hamsters for prizes.

Notcoin Clone Script

Strike cryptocurrency riches with this stimulating game that mirrors the success of Notcoin.

Yescoin Clone Script

Offer players the chance to earn Yescoins by simply tapping and upgrading resources in-game.

ClickARBUZ Clone Script

An unusual clicker game in which players grow their digital watermelon farm by clicking.

Tronix App Clone Script

Click and claim your TRON in this addictive clicker game that cryptocurrency enthusiasts will love.

TomClicker Clone Script

A classic clicker game in which players aid Tom earn his fortune.

Tapswap Clone Script

Simplify cryptocurrency trading with a tap-to-earn game that allows players to mine TAPS coins.

Pixeltap Clone Script

A pixel adventure where players click to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Catizen Clone Script

Manage your virtual cat city and earn Catizen coins in this strategic clicker game.

Memefi Clone Script

A meme-inspired clicker game where players receive cryptocurrency.

Dotcoin Clone Script

Tap quickly to enlarge the center point and earn Dotcoin rewards.

Avacoin Clone Script

A passionate game where players join forces to boost their Avacoin holdings.

W-Coin Clone Script

Players collectively decide on the blockchain on which they will launch the token as they earn W-Coins.

Wormfare Slap Clone Script

Action-packed clicker game where players earn rewards by hitting worms.

Unique concept games

NobbyGame Clone Script

A unique clicker game with pioneering gameplay mechanics.

Blum Maple Script

Click to grow your digital garden and earn rewards.

NOTMEME Clone Script

A clicker game without memes, focused on pure tapping fun.

PocketFi Clone Script

Players can manage their virtual finances and earn cryptocurrencies.

SpinnerCoin Clone Script

A spinner-inspired game where tapping allows players to earn SpinnerCoins.

BBQCoin Clone Script

Tap to grill and earn BBQCoins in this fun and tasty clicker game.

Powerhouse Games Telegram

Yes Tap Bot Clone Script

A Telegram-based game where players can earn Yescoins directly in the chat app.

Lava Rush Clone Script

A fast-paced clicker game set in a world of volcanoes.

Dragon Bot Clone Script

Train your dragon by tapping and earn rewards.

NotBabyCoinFAM Clone Script

A clicker game for families with BabyCoin rewards.

Hivelance’s huge selection allows you to choose the perfect clicker script that will suit your target audience and desired gameplay style.

Each clone script is meticulously crafted to provide a glossy and engaging user experience that makes your game stand out in the crowded P2E market. Plus, with Hivelance’s experience and support, you can get your game up and running quickly and affordably.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enter the growing P2E market. With Hivelance Tap to Earn Game Scriptyou can create your own crypto game and start your P2E business with ease. Visit Hivelance today to discover their extensive library of game clone scripts and take your first step towards gaming success!

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to aid you with your needs. Whether you need consultation, technical support, or specialist knowledge, we have experts available in various fields.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or click the link below to learn more.

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