Surprise! Fortnite will receive a fresh map and mode on Saturday


Time to return to the Tilted Towers. Fortnite will receive a surprise update this weekend. It’s called “Reload” and will officially launch on Saturday The Fortnite account said X. The teaser trailer revealed that this update will introduce a fresh map and mode Fortnite.

You can watch full trailer on the official Fortnite X account. Long-time players may recognize that the map includes classic locations from previous versions of the game, such as Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and more. Other than that, we don’t have many details about the update. However, the map looks slightly smaller than average Fortnite map, so players will have to see how this will impact the fresh way of playing.

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Fortnite is currently in Chapter 5 of Season 3. The current version of the game, titled “Wrecked”, allows players to traverse a Fallout-inspired desert wasteland and features the metal band Metallica. Right now, the game is in full Mad Max mode, allowing players to fight in a variety of sophisticated combat vehicles and more. This is quite a cluttered way to play, and it really is sparked criticism from players. It looks like fans will be able to try their hand at the fresh game mode.

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