SuperWalk Sneaker July 2 Price Correction Chart (Shoe Prices, Mint Earnings Chart)


SuperWalk Sneaker July 2 Price Correction Chart (Shoe Prices, Mint Earnings Chart)[7月2日 スーパーウォーク シューズ価格調整チャート(シューズ価格、ミンティング収益チャート)]

Hi, my name is Blueioi, leader of the Superwalk WLB team.

Hello, this is Blueioi, leader of the Super Walk WLB team.

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In the Korean community, we now show information that has been available to users for a year. Check out the information we share every 5 days about shoe purchases, sales, and mint earnings.

The Korean community has finally shared the information that users have had access to for a year now. Please read the information that is provided every 5 days and employ it to make money by buying, selling and knocking off shoes.

Shoe/Genre/Level/Option (Grnd Reflected)

It’s a uncomplicated concept. When minting or leveling/opting SuperWalk boots, Walk and Grnd coins are used. However, sales are in Grnd Coin, so we display the Klay coin price based on the daily price.

It’s a uncomplicated concept. Walk and Grnd Coins are used when minting Super Walk boots and leveling up/options. However, since the sale is done with Grnd Coin, the Grnd Coin price will be displayed based on that day’s price.

The benchmark is based on the price of the cheapest shoe with a breakout rating of 10. Prices vary by tier/option/option rating. However, please note that additional selling fees may apply depending on the user. The current price table reflects prices based on minimum criteria.

The reference point is the lowest price of the shoe after the breakout at level 10. Prices vary depending on the level/option/option class. However, it is vital to note that some users may have to pay extra to sell. The current price list reflects that prices are based on minimum standards.

Normal+Normal Mint

The graph shows the potential production profit/loss based on the lowest shoe prices per generation/minting frequency.

The current chart includes production costs for all generations and the benefits of discounts for individual titles.

This chart shows the potential profit/loss in production based on minimum shoe price and minting frequency by generation.

The current chart takes into account production costs and title discount benefits for all generations.

Rare+Rare Mint

Please note that content shared on the Medium channel will now be distributed at the same rate as in the Korean community.

Please note that from now on, content will be shared on Medium as often as the Korean community does.

This is the first day the Grnd price has been used in the shoe trading section of the app, so there hasn’t been a significant influx of stock yet. Please keep that in mind.

This is the first day that the Grnd price has been used in the shoe trading section of this app, so we haven’t launched a immense assortment yet. Please keep that in mind.

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