Sunflower Land is now ready with a 2024 update roadmap


  • Sunflower Land has prepared five updates to its fresh 2024 action plan.
  • Land of Sunflowers is moving to in-game trading, can add user-created items and a creator economy.
  • Trading and burning SFL in the game will escalate the utility of the tokens and reduce the supply.

Sunflower Land, one of the games combining dynamic gameplay and NFT production, is now ready, with more updates coming in 2024. The game will announce exact dates as they approach. The first update will add an internal NFT marketplace where players will be able to trade their items without having to go to OpenSea.

Additionally, the game will introduce a fresh schedule for recording the SFL token. All players will need SFL on their game account to participate in the NFT market. The market will be integrated into the game as a fun experience, similar to the current item exchange in the Town Square from earlier in the game.

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SFL it is currently trading at $0.05, after spending months in the $0.10-0.08 range. Now the Sunflower Land team wants to improve the token’s usability by adding SFL ownership requirements.

The fresh marketplace will also include the potential for user-created items, in addition to in-game crafted items and semi-fungible tokens representing in-game skins and clothing lines.

Sunflower Land increases SFL circulation

The game introduced a fresh trading and burning ecosystem for SFL. Tokens never leave the game and trading is independent of other trading pairs for the token.

The game has also added an SFL price trading board where players can acquire resources more easily. Until recently, Sunflower Land relied on third-party tracking to set prices and find desirable artisan items.

In-game resources are vital for being able to receive bonuses. The game also features a series of holiday and special scarce items, usually with an annual bonus.

However, the biggest expectation for the Land of Sunflowers is the upcoming mobile application. The release date for this update is still unknown, but fans of the game are widely anticipating the update.

Land of Sunflowers ranks 31st among the best games and is among the top fifteen collectible projects. Daily gaming activity on the blockchain declined as more transactions moved to in-game tokens. Until then, Sunflower Land relied on high transaction levels on the Polygon chain, which gave it a high ranking among dynamic, daily users. Still, Sunflower Land is very dynamic even without having to transact on-chain.

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