Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League May Be a Dead Game, But You’re Still Getting More Content


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League isn’t the AAA hit Warner Bros. Games was hoping for, but the promised post-launch content is still coming.

Following the arrival of the Joker in Season 1, next week (July 11) Debut in Season 2 will introduce Mrs. Freeze, aka Nora Fries (apologies to Victor fans), as well as a number of map changes, up-to-date activities, and weapons, hoping to please players who stick around until WB Games decides to release it.

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Personally, I didn’t hate Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League when it launched back in February, but I agreed with almost everyone who played it that it lacked the depth to appeal to veteran looter-shooters and was simply too formulaic for the source material it was adapted from.

Rocksteady’s narrative and audiovisual experience certainly gives the game a polished and solid enough first impression that other competitors in this arena have lacked in the past, but the core systems and mechanics aren’t as engaging as they should be to support the live-action ambitions, but it’s still more enjoyable to play than The First Ascendant in my humble opinion.

Post-launch support for the game has already slowed down, with minor fixes and developer updates becoming increasingly infrequent. Rocksteady and WB Games owner ponder what to do next. Despite this, it seems that both the publisher and developer are still committed to releasing at least All seasons that were promised after the premiere – four in total. Anything beyond Season 4 looks impossible though, but the publisher probably doesn’t want to kill the game’s remaining players with this horrifying news. At least not yet.

The full roadmap and details for Season 2 can be checked out below, as shared by the game’s developers. official X account:

Stuff! But is it exhilarating stuff? | Image Source: WB Games/Rocksteady Studios

The star of the show is of course Mrs. Freeze, Victor Fries’ terminally ill wife-turned-supervillain, who will likely arrive from another corner of the multiverse introduced in the game’s main story. Of course, the ongoing (and likely abbreviated) post-campaign narrative will take Task Force X to another Elseworld to face off against Brainiac posing as Superman and The Flash. Later in the season, a major boss fight will turn into a Superman/Green Lantern doubleheader, which could potentially be really tense.

More melee and ranged weapons, as well as up-to-date Infamy sets, are added to the loot pool, and those willing to buy premium skins in the in-game store are getting some good ones. On top of that, you get a battle pass that looks more attractive than the previous one. As for Metropolis, its up-to-date Elseworlds version is of course cold and will include even more up-to-date Incursions. In compact: you get more of the same, and up-to-date shiny loot and skins to climb. If you like the endgame loop, it looks like you’ll be eating well for a while.

While PC player numbers continue to decline despite significant price cuts, it appears that Suicide Squad: KTJL is managing to stay afloat as an online game for a while despite its tender financial performance, thanks to cross-play and a more lively community on consoles, though figures have yet to be released.

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