Streamer uses only his mind to defeat the Dancing Lion and Rellana bosses from Shadow of the Erdtree


Streamers played Ring of Fire in a unique way since its first release. MissMikkaa beat the game on the dance pad, followed by two simultaneous games on the dance pad and controller, and Luality he did this using motion control.

But PerriKaryal is working on his most impressive run, using only his mind to complete it Shadow of ErdtreeThe extremely stressful Dancing Lion of the Divine Beast and Rellana, the head of the Twin Moon Knight, fight using only their minds. PerriKaryal uses a wireless EEG headset that measures brain waves and eye-tracking software to control your in-game character while exploring or fighting bosses. Considering many of us have trouble beating these bosses with a standard controller, this is extremely impressive.

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PerriKaryal defeated the Dancing Lion and Rellan bosses Shadow of Erdtree and I’m already working on the rest of the DLC

When fans follow the work of their favorite content creators Shadow of Erdtreethe chief’s squad, PerriKaryal, was putting on quite a show. Using brainwaves and eye-tracking software, she was able to battle one of the most acrobatic bosses I’ve ever seen in a soulslike game and emerge victorious.

Every swing of the sword, sip of the Flask of Crimson Tears, summoning and ranged attack was achieved by the streamer feeling a predetermined and programmed emotion or action. They are described at the beginning VOD this battle as anger, pushing, or spinning the plate. I don’t quite understand how anyone managed to focus on these feelings in the middle of a boss fight, but the end result shows that it is not only possible, but in the hands of some players it works better than a controller.

As of this writing, PerriKaryal has done just that defeated Rellana, Knight of Twin Moon with her custom controller. With two bosses already, she’ll definitely complete the DLC in less than a week if she can maintain the mental energy necessary to play this way.

How she plays Ring of Fire with her mind?

PerriKaryal is a streamer who has developed a way to play games using only the movements of your mind and eyes. Although it’s impressive enough to play something as uncomplicated as Pac-Manthis creator pushes the boundaries with games like Palworld and now Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree.

I know it’s difficult to understand, but PerriKaryal has collected video explaining how the whole process works. She had been wondering how to exploit brainwaves in video games for some time, and when she found an EEG headset online, everything fell into place.

This is definitely the most intriguing way I’ve seen someone tackle a soulslike game so far, but what I love most about this streamer’s efforts is that they’re an invitation for someone to go the extra mile.

The Soulslike community loves a challenge, and once you’ve mastered all the most popular games, the only way to make it harder is to change the way you play. I don’t know how anyone can top this, but I’m sure it won’t take long.

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