Still curious about Dragon’s Dogma 2? Zoomer Morrowind just got a major update and you can now play the initial release for free


Do you remember March of this year, a period of time that simultaneously felt like it was five minutes ago and a whole century ago? During this time, Dragon’s Dogma 2 was released and it might be worth giving it a try now if you haven’t already, thanks to a major patch and free trial.

If you didn’t try DD2 at launch or gave up on the game pretty quickly, that’s fine, but you may have missed something really great, especially if you like games where you constantly have to ask for directions like you’re on a family holiday in the countryside and your dad left the map at the cottage.

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From June 27 or 28, depending on which of the three platforms – PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC – you apply, until July 18, you can play the first two hours of the game for free. Don’t worry, if you manage to get through this and decide you want to continue, purchasing this thing will allow you to apply your free save data in the full game.

That’s at least one evening of free fun, with the option that all the strenuous work creating George Costanza in the character creator doesn’t go to waste. Moreover, as I mentioned above, the game has just become large patch.

What’s in it, you ask? Well, probably the biggest hit is a patch designed to improve frame rates in areas with a lot of NPCs, which has been one of the biggest talking points about the game since its release and has given every rig a nervous breakdown. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users now also have the ability to toggle graphics settings between High and Low, and turn 120Hz output on and off, which should also improve performance, with Capcom noting: “Further frame rate improvements are also planned for future updates.”

In addition to these fixes, the ability to sell items and armor equipment from the warehouse menu has been added. Additionally, you can store up to 999 items in your warehouse at a time, instead of just 99, which is a boon for collectors. Also, if you hate walking, it’s now easier to find ox carts in the field.

So here you go. If you plan on getting back into DD2 this weekend, let us know below.

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