Steam Deck now cheaper than Switch during Valve’s gigantic summer sale


Photo: Valve / Kotaku / sungrand (Getty Images)

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A popular portable computer from Valve, the so-called Steam deck, is currently on sale ahead of the upcoming Steam Summer Sale. Currently, you can purchase this powerful gaming device for less than a standard Switch or OLED Switch.

Since the launch of Valve’s handheld gaming device in 2022, steam deck, was a huge success for the company and helped usher in a novel era of third-party portable gaming PCs. But while more pricey devices like the ROG Ally have had some success, Valve’s has Steam deck— with its lightweight, rugged design and easy-to-use operating system — continues to be the king in this emerging space. And now you can buy arguably the best portable computer on the market for under $300.


On June 24, Valve announced that both models of the original Steam deck would be discounted by 15% until July 11. This means you can pick up 64GB Steam Deck for just $297 or 512GB Steam Deck for $381.

Please note that these are brand novel Steam Decks. Technically, when in stock, you can pick up refurbished versions the same Steam decks directly from Valve for even less. But they are used and not always in stock.

Another thing to remember is that these are Steam Deck devices that utilize LCD screens. I have one of these and am elated with it, but the screens are not as vibrant and impressive as those on the model OLED steam deck, which also weighs less, runs cooler and has a larger battery. But these OLED devices cost significantly more than Steam Deck’s discounted LCD models, so for those looking to get into PC gaming on a budget, this is still a solid sale and a great deal.

Meanwhile, The Steam Summer Sale starts on June 27 and will last until July 11. Valve says the Steam Deck display should arrive within a week, so if you purchase one, you’ll be ready for the upcoming summer sale and all the discounts that come with it.


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