Starfield’s paid mods trigger a review bombardment on Steam


Field of Stars he has once again rubbed people the wrong way. This time, it’s not the end of what many saw as a mostly empty launch offering when it launched last year. On the contrary, the criticism focuses on recent Creations mod center, which offers free and paid mods from both Bethesda and community members. Some people are so annoyed by the presence of paid mods that when history repeats itself, they take to Steam to express their feelings by bombarding the game with reviews again.

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Field of Stars arrived September 4, 2023 to mixed reception. While its scope was certainly ambitious and, as I argued in my reviewhas a lot of clever ideas it was not widely adopted by the gaming community. In the following months Field of Starsrelease, community (especially on Steam) he set about review bombing over offerings of milk toast. – Bethesda emphasized that the game will likely evolve, with support and recent features expected “for years” after its release. Now, Field of Starsmod hub, introduced on June 9, 2024, provides straightforward access to official and community mods and has proven to be much needed and often a great addition to the game. That said, many mods come with a hefty price tag, which has unsurprisingly influenced fans to review bomb them on Steam a second time.

Mods are frigid, but oh, some are really pricey (and for what exactly?)

Field of Stars costs $70. Instead, you get a Bethesda game with Bethesda ass of Bethesda proportions, much more barren than you might expect. Everything is cut into petite pieces divided by menus and loading screens. The quests don’t allow for much freedom of choice, despite some frigid concepts here and there in the main story.

Like many online store games, Field of Stars uses the premium currency: Credits. $10 will get you 1,000 credits, and for $49.99 you can buy as much as 5,500.

Screenshot: : Bethesda/Kotaku

Right now, for the equivalent of seven bucks, you can buy an official mod that adds… hmm, single NPC reward target hunt and kill. You’ll get some horse arm – sorry, space suits for your wrestling, but you’ll also lose seven bucks. Bethesda also sells single ship node for 1000 credits (or $10). It adds 22 decorative items that can be placed on ships and outposts, but it’s actually just one hub. On the cheaper side of things, you can spend the equivalent $3 for in-game stuffed animals With Field of Starscast of characters (that Sam and Cora Is kinda cute…).

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As I emphasized earlier, there are some great free mods you can get. Overall, social mods are a more than welcome addition to Bethesda’s stellar RPG game. But many social mods Down cost – a concept that caused a storm fierce discussion and controversy for years. Regardless, many fans are upset at what they see as a shallow money grab under the guise of fixing a hollow game.

Everyone (on Steam) didn’t like it

Currently, Field of Starsthe status of the latest review on Steam is Mostly Negative (in this case, the average rating over the entire period of exploit is Mixed). And recent reviews reveal why.

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“Broken Boring Game” reads one review. “Putting mods behind a paywall is a big no for me.” “Creator Club is a scam” another one reads. Another states, “Paid mods on top of an already mediocre $70 game? What a joke.” The pattern can be seen here.

We live in an era of good comeback stories, as evidenced by this No man’s sky AND Cyberpunk 2077games that were initially met with poor reception, but have since been improved and updated, finding their way into the hearts of many gamers. Field of Stars received some much needed updates such as maps and fixes here and there. The Creation Pack Mod Hub is easily the most extensive update the game has ever received, with limitless potential. That said, it seems to be facing an uphill battle of aggressive control, and it’s hard to blame people for that.


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