Spirit Guardians with Kaidro NFTs are now available on Mavis Market!


  • Kaidro officially launched its “Spirit Guardians” on Mavis, NFTs designed to complement “Spark Suits” and offer various benefits.
  • “Spiritual Guardians” they provide in-game skins and gameplay benefitsas well as the opportunity to participate in them future dropand exclusive missions.
  • The airdrop to owners of “Spark Suits” had a 1:1 ratio, encouraging community participation and rewarding the loyalty of Kaidro supporters.

Kaidra officially fired their “Spirit Guardians” in the Mavis market. These are NFTs designed to complement “Spark Suits”. NFTs offer their holders a wide range of benefits and rewards.

Introduction of the will of the “Spiritual Guardians”. provide in-game skins and additional benefits. Additionally, they also offer the opportunity to participate in future airdrops and access exclusive missions in the Kaidro universe.

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One of the most vital points at the back the premiere is an airdrop for owners of Kaidro’s “Spark Suits”.. Holders were rewarded with “Spirit Guardians” in ratio 1:1, based on a snapshot taken on June 7 at 6 p.m PST time. The purpose of this measure is, on the one hand, to encourage community participation and, on the other hand, to reward those who have been steadfast supporters of Kaidro from the beginning.

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Kaidro rewards the community’s love

In addition to the airdrop, Kaidro also did this awarded the best participants of the Play-to-Airdrop campaign. Congratulations were given to those who managed to get into the Top 1000 in the “Source Archive”. Together with the lucky lottery winners. The platform aims to show generosity to steadfast followers and attract recent users to its ecosystem.

“Spirit Guardians” is now available on the Mavis Market. Additionally, Kaidro gave away various prizes, including various types of “Spirit Guardians”, “Astral Eggs”, and other exclusive items to participants and winners of the P2A campaign and sweepstakes.

Kaidro successfully leveraged the community’s interest to make a forceful push into the NFT world. It’s time to offer recent opportunities to the community and continue to drive its development.

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