Sonic raises $12 million to expand Solana gaming ecosystem


  • Sonic managed to raise $12 million in a Series A round. Run by Bitkraft and supported by Galaxy Interactive and Big Brain Holdings, to improve the protocol on Solana.
  • Design stands out for its focus on game development on Solana. It offers a sandbox environment and customizable developer tools.
  • Sonic is going to stay preferred destination for game studios wanting to take advantage of the advantages of Solana.

Sonic, a Layer 2 game chain built on the Solana network. It attracted the attention of investors with a success of $12 million fundraising in the Serie A round. Run by Bitkraft and supported by renowned companies such as Galaxy Interactive and Big Brain Holdings. Investment aims to strengthen the capabilities of the protocol within blockchain ecosystem.

Sonic’s design stands out in its own right emphasis on game development on Solana. Using specific features such as a sandbox environment, configurable game primitives and extensible data types. These features are designed to ensure swift and proficient online gaming. Providing developers with the necessary tools to create pioneering games on the Solana blockchain.

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Mirror World Labs is behind Sonicinfrastructure established two years ago by Chris Zhu, who previously worked at ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company. Zhu, with an academic education from New York University. He leads the team that led the development of the protocol to its current market position.

Sonic has a leadership position in the blockchain gaming industry

Justin Swart, director of BITKRAFT, expressed this with confidence Sonic will become the preferred choice for game studios looking to capitalize on Solana’s benefits. His positive forecast is based on Sonic’s ability to offer competitive and swift gaming on the blockchain, attracting a recent generation of developers and gamers seeking innovation and efficiency in the gaming industry.

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The $12 million raised in the Series A round follows the previous seed round, which raised $4 million in 2022, bringing the total funds raised to date to $16 million. This financial support will strengthen Sonic’s position in the blockchain market and underscores the growing interest in platforms that power game development on swift and proficient chains.

Sonic is well-positioned to expand its capabilities and consolidate its presence in the blockchain gaming industry.

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