Sir Moore’s questline walkthrough for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


Mr. Moore is the NPC you meet at the beginning Ring of Fire‘S The shadow of the Erd tree DLC. He will first appear as a seller outside of Belurat, in the Tower Village.

Our Ring of Fire Moore’s DLC Quest Guide will walk you through where to find mooreand all the steps you need to take to complete his questline.

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Moore’s location

You will find Moorealong with another NPC named Ansbach, near Belurat, Tower Settlement. He won’t leave this first location – in a sense (more on that below) – until the very end of the DLC.

Moore’s first encounter in Belurat, Tower Settlement

When you first arrive Cross of the Main Gate Place of Grace on the way to Belurat, Tower Settlement, Moore and Ansbach will be waiting for you at the Miquella Cross.

On your first visit, Moore will simply be a (nice) salesman selling various items from the Shadow Realm DLC.

Meet Thiollier and give him the Black Syrup (optional)

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Before heading to Ensis Castle, follow the road east and then south to find Thiollier. After talking to him once, return to Moore and report. Moore will give you some Black syrup give it to Thiollier (who will turn it into Thiollier’s Potion for Dragon Priestess of Communion in Igon’s quest thread).

Find seven Forager Brood cookbooks (optional)

A worm-like creature called the Forager Brood from Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Scattered throughout the DLC’s Shadowlands, you’ll encounter six of Moore’s Forager Brood friends – the non-hostile Lesser Kindreds of Rot. If you talk to them, each of them will give you one Forager Brood CookbookYou may want to stock up on Forager Brood cookbooks 1 through 4, as well as book 7, before heading to Shadow Keep.

One of these pests – the one on the north side of the Crusade Church – will be in bad shape when you find them. Use Warming stone to cure them, head back to Highroad Cross’s Place of Grace, then return again to get the cookbook.

Once you have healed this gatherer and collected the Forager Brood Cookbook from him (4), return to Moore and he will give you the Forager Brood Cookbook (7). You must do this before you destroy Miquella’s charm in Shadow Keep..

Moore Invasion (Optional Ending)

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree features Moore as the aggressive, red-skinned raider Tarnished

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Moore, as you may have noticed, is a huge fan of the Forager Brood. If you kill any of them you’ve encountered—after getting the cookbook from them, of course—Moore will barge in and attack you. (The trigger seems a bit fickle, so you may actually need to kill two of them to trigger the invasion.)

Defeating him will get you his Great Shield of Verdigris AND Verdigris Armor Set.

Once you do this, you will kill Moore and he will disappear from your game. Returning to Main Gate Cross, you will find only Moore bell bearing.

Break this spell

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree notification that a powerful enchantment has been broken near Shadowkeep

Photo: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Before anything else can happen with Moore, you have to do this approach Shadowkeep. Just before you reach the front door you will receive some messages: Somewhere a immense rune broke…” AND “And it has its own powerful charm.” Both refer to Miquella and the NPCs you’ve met so far.

You can continue to Main Gate of Shadow Keep Place of MercyBut NO start Golden Hippopotamus boss fight – especially if you want to continue Hornsent’s questline. Instead, contact all the NPCs you have met so far. When you’re ready, return to the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace to talk to Moore again.

Give Moore some advice

A screenshot of Moore's dialogue with Tarnished after breaking the spell in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.  Moore says, “I don't feel it.  It's broken.

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Moore doesn’t handle breaking the spell very well. Listen to him when you first arrive and then decide to talk to him. You will have two options here:

  • Leave it behind
  • Stay unhappy forever

You can also choose to not respond with “I don’t know,” but ultimately the default will be “Get over it.”

Now let’s discuss each of them in turn.

Leave it behind as you finish

Moore extends his shield forward during the Leda boss fight in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

If you tell Moore to “leave it behind”, he will leave the Main Gate of the Cross of Grace and you will not see him for a long time.

After burning the Sealing Tree in the Church of the Bud, you will journey through Enir-Ilim. At the end of this journey, you will face Needle Knight Leda and her allies in the penultimate battle of the DLC.

If you choose this dialogue option, Moore will be one of Leda’s allies and you will have to fight him. You can pick up his items – Moore bell bearinghis Great Shield of Verdigrisand Verdigris’s Armor set — after defeating Leda.

Stay unhappy forever ending

If you decide to tell Moore to “stay sad forever” (you monster), he will say goodbye and leave the Place of Grace at the Main Gate.

The bodies of Moore and the Gathering Herd on the ground in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

You will find his body from Forager Brood on the cliffs north of the Crusade Church. Loot his body to Moore bell bearinghis Verdigris Great Shieldand Patina armor set.

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