Sipher Play2Airdrop Strategy Guide


The Sipher Play2Airdrop (P2A) campaign runs for 6 weeks until approximately July 21. I earn 4 times more points than most users with the same effort and time. So optimize your time and maximize your profits from this campaign. This guide is intended for those who want a shrewd approach to their Sipher P2A campaigns.

Before you continue, please read this official tweet to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of Sipher P2A.

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Sipher Play to Airdrop Mechanics

P2A Overview

  • Duration: 6 weeks, starting June 11 and ending around July 21.
  • Prize pool: Not announced yet.
  • Right: Download Sipher Odyssey from Google Or Apple App Store. If not available, download from (Guide).

Why is it worth taking part in P2A?

  • Fun and addictive: Play on your mobile phone during your commute and breaks at work.
  • Easy implementation: Download the game and create an account.
  • Free game: There is no cost to join.
  • Team goal: To boost your player base, raise your DAU/DAA and gain $ATHER on top exchanges.
  • $ATHER dump: Get $ATHER, the Ather Collective ecosystem token, which will replace the $SIPHER game token. The up-to-date token will gain value from all AtherLabs products beyond the Sipher IP, including gaming, entertainment, artificial intelligence and blockchain. This could lead to a major price change after the airdrop. More information about $ATHER Here.

Make the most of P2A

  • Tip: Just play “normally” and have fun. Point allocation is designed to reward players who progress deep in the game.
  • Multipliers: Owners of the Genesis Sipher NFT and $SIPHER receive a significant raise in the multiplier of their points. Continue reading to see if it’s worth it for you.
  • Availability: You don’t have to be a professional gamer, but Sipher Odyssey is not a click-to-earn or auto-combat game.
  • Allocation of points: The most points are awarded for reaching account level 40, collecting 12 ship subraces, completing in-game milestones at level 10 and completing daily tasks. This can be easily achieved by playing for 1 hour a day.
  • Leaderboards: Leaderboard points are harder to earn. As an average player, you may not be at the top of the leaderboards, but you will complete most of the milestones and earn most of the points by playing the main story mode (World Exploration) and survival mode (Endless Anarchy).


Strategy 1 – Hard (for earnest players, > 2-3 hours per day)

Most don’t fit into this category. Entering tournaments, acquiring capsule keys, crafting good gear, building upgrade decks, and excelling in various game modes takes skill and time. While the rewards are also the greatest, the effort and time required are the greatest. By completing all daily missions and consistently placing in the top 50 on the leaderboard, you can earn approximately 327,500 points – the highest possible score you can achieve by playing this game for most people.

Strategy 2 – Easy to achieve (for average players/farmers, ~1 hour per day)

For the average crypto gamer or farmer who wants to spend some time playing and enjoying the rogue-lite shooter genre. As a 35-year-old who hasn’t played many video games in the last decade, I find this strategy to be doable. Playing for 1 hour a day is basic to manage, and sometimes longer sessions result in addiction. Assuming you don’t enter tournaments or ranked competitions, you can earn 171,650 of the highest possible 327,500 points with significantly less time and skill.

Strategy 3 – Very casual (for very casual players, ~30 minutes per day)

This is for casual players who want to have fun while exploring the crypto game. Some daily tasks can be completed quickly and easily (except for Arena mode, which is a PvPvE mode). Most points can be earned by reaching basic game milestones that don’t require daily commitment. Play however you want and achieve these milestones within days. You can also skip time-consuming daily tasks and only play when you have time. You can easily reach milestones (Aggressive 10, collect 9 subraces, account level 30) to earn 86,500 base points from the highest possible 327,500 points.


Multipliers reward holders of $SIPHER and Genesis Sipher NFT tokens with an additional 400% of their basis points (if they have 100,000 basis points, after the multipliers they will receive a total of 500,000 points).

Having at least $5,000 worth of SIPHER tokens ($1,250 at today’s price) or Genesis Sipher NFT tokens (depending on rarity, ~$2,500) increases your points significantly. Owning 10+10 Genesis Sipher Inu and Neko NFTs also gives you 100,000 points passively. Get 10% extra multipliers when you sign up for an AtherLabs account through any account Sipher Ambassadors or organize an NFT affiliate project like BoredX Sipher spaceships. Some NFT project partners are offering 20% ​​multipliers (not yet announced).

I find these multipliers to be very valuable. They raise your points significantly, and getting these multipliers may be urgent at the end of P2A, so get your hands on the Genesis Sipher NFT (Sipher Inu AND Syfer Nekos) and $SIPHER tokens early (link to 1-inch DEX aggregator). Additionally, I believe that Sipher will become the most popular crypto game, making these tokens a good replacement investment for the future success of the game and the studio.


To maximize your points, just enjoy the game. P2A points reward players who make deep progress. Game milestones are basic to achieve, especially when you play cooperative multiplayer with friends. If you want to play together, contact me on the Sipher Discord. Oh, and definitely get Genesis NFT and $SIPHER multipliers.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my mobile phone does not support the game or if Sipher is not available in my country?

Should I play on multiple accounts?

NO. Given the point mechanics, it’s more costly and time-consuming to delve into the game rather than splitting accounts – reaching account level 40, having 12 unique ship subraces, completing story mode, and playing daily. Then you should aim to get to the top of the rankings. While you can play on multiple accounts, this may not be a viable strategy unless you have multiple NFTs, split them across multiple accounts, and actively play on each of them. There are financial and time costs involved, and there is no free lunch here.

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