Sinverse Metaverse brings electrifying updates in version 2.5


  • SinVerse introduces version 2.5 with significant improvements and a weapon fusion system that improves players’ arsenal.
  • New non-volatile items (NFTs) like armor and helmets elevate gameplayoffering ongoing benefits and status in the game universe.
  • Safe and risky zones provide strategic challenges and greater rewards, a gold collection system strengthens the in-game economy by rewarding players with $SIN tokens.

SinVerse (SIN) presented its recent product version 2.5, promising a complete transformation of the experience in its metaverse. Known for its adult-oriented approach, SinVerse confirms its pioneering role in blockchain gaming innovation.

The standout feature of this update is The Weapon Fusion system allows players to significantly improve their arsenal. By combining existing weapons, players can augment the power and stats of their devastating tools, improving their combat effectiveness and increasing their market value. Each upgrade level is distinguished by a unique color, ranging from gray to orangeproviding a significant strategic advantage in SinVerse battles.

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In addition, an introduction recent enduring items (NFTs) aims to revolutionize the gameplay. They include armor, helmets and bulletproof vests, which not only offer players lasting benefits, but also serve as status symbols in the game universe. The number of these NFTs is confined boast better statisticsproviding players with the opportunity to protect their legacy and improve their performance in the face of any challenge they face.

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SinVerse introduces a recent gold system, zones and items

The update also introduces sunthreatening and risky zones, designed to offer different levels of challenge and reward. In risky areas, players will face more powerful NPCs requiring advanced strategies and cooperation to earn valuable rewards. This provides a more intense and rewarding experience for players.

In addition, An creative gold pooling system has been developed to strengthen the in-game economy. Players can collect gold coins earned during gameplay and engage in commercial activities within the platform, earning $SIN tokens through a community-led leadership mechanism.

SinVerse 2.5 will be available for download from June 13, 2024. It marks significant progress in the evolution of the platform and its metaworld.

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