Should you pull Jinshi or Changli in Wuthering Waves 1.1?


IN Windy waves in version 1.1, players will have the option to attract Jinshi and/or Changla, both plot-important characters. If you don’t spend much or you play free-to-play, you may be wondering who exactly you should download.

Jinshi vs. Changli – Who should you attract Wuthering Waves 1.1?

There are several different factors that may influence your decision to bring in Jinshi or Changli. Personally, I would advise you to drag Jinshi over Changli as he is our first and only main DPS 5* Spectro character. From a team building standpoint, you’ll want to be 5* for every single piece and the team that supports it. Jinshi fits the bill as he is Spectro’s main DPS and already has decent support with the likes of Taoqi, Spectro Rover, and Verina. I value diversity in the team, that’s why I recommend Jinshi.

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Changli is a 5* Fusion DPS main/support. She is undoubtedly really sturdy, but the problem with choosing her to stop Jinshi is this We already have a sturdy 5* Fusion DPS thanks to Encore. While it’s true that Changli can act as a sub-DPS for Encore, I place much more importance on having more useful teams than just buffing one. This does not mean that Changli is bad in any way. I just recommend waiting until it returns in a future re-airing banner. If you’re modern to gacha games, characters always come back. It’s just a matter of time.

Another reason I recommend Jinshi over Changli is because Jinshi comes out first. The reality is that I can’t wait to pull out a modern character because I’m a gigantic fan of learning modern character sets. The Jinshi set is quite complicated, has many moving parts and can do a lot. That’s not even counting the techniques that Windy waves a dedicated community will come up with it. Jinshi also wants to be extremely sturdy in terms of stats, and her Sequences look the same. Finally, Jinshi relies heavily on skill damage, which is an archetype of a character we didn’t really have Windy waves, until now. These are my main reasons for choosing Jinshi over Changli.

Changli in Jinshi's trailer
Image via Kuro Games

That said, if you still prefer to pull out Changli, know that your choice isn’t a bad one if you simply like the gameplay or design of Changli over Jinshi. As I mentioned earlier, all 5* characters will return eventually, so you can opt to drag Changli over Jinshi and catch Jinshi later when she runs again. Changli also has the Outro skill, which increases ultimate damage, so she will be able to fit into most teams, similar to Yinlin.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with either character, although Jinshi remains my recommendation for you.

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