Shop Titans 5th Anniversary: ​​New Content, Fresh Freebies and More!


  • Shop Titans is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a huge update
  • Receive premium employee discounts during the celebration
  • Powerful modern artifact blueprints and merchant level loops are now available

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of playing it yet, Shop Titans is an RPG simulation game in which you have to run your own medieval shop from scratch as an urban craftsman. With charming graphics, a lush fantasy world, colorful characters and all kinds of cozy atmosphere, you can easily immerse yourself in it as you build your way to becoming a fantasy store tycoon.

That sense of immersion will be even sweeter this month as Kabam invites everyone to join in the Shop Titans fifth anniversary celebration! In particular, you can expect more bang for your buck with the special Anniversary Sale now through June 17, free login rewards, and in-game merchandise from Shop at Titans online store among other freebies.

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Five years of fun

During the Shop Titans 5th Anniversary celebration, you can expect a 15% discount on premium workers to strengthen your squad – this includes Lunar Dragon Mundra and Bard Johan. This is also accompanied by the all-new Seed of Merit, now available on sale, which will assist you strengthen your Champions and Heroes and escalate their maximum level.

Additionally, you can get special offers on Champion Titan Soul and Hero Coins to enhance your combat skills. And finally, you will be able to get free gifts from the online store by simply logging in. This special bonus changes daily, so check back daily to get your fill.

Powerful modern artifact blueprints

The fantasy sim-slash-RPG mogul also welcomes artifact blueprints into combat, allowing you to tinker with a variety of effects for each of the six available. They can be obtained from chests with the main artifact (level 14) and the minor artifact (level 8-9).

For example, Kiku-Ichimonji (Main Artifact) offers a massive +200% Critical Damage bonus at the cost of capping your Critical Hit Rate at 20%. On the other hand, the Torc of Peace (the main artifact) is a double-edged sword, as it seals the weapon’s power in exchange for +10% evasion and 20% skill HP bonus.

Furniture frenzy and mega commercial level

The modern update allows you to upgrade your furniture levels to 25, offering greater and better energy and resource capacity. This coincides with a significant escalate in the number of Dragon Marks you can earn in the Dragon Invasion event to speed up your furniture game.

Merchant level loops now allow merchant levels to be increased to level 100 using XP bonuses from Advanced Research. This milestone will give your level banner a whole modern look for bragging rights, and upgrades will repeat until you reach level 500.

What’s more, you can now expand your store’s standard 3×3 configuration with more yard space, allowing you to decorate the place with additional outdoor decor. If all of this sounds like something for you, you can join in on all the festivities until… download Shop Titans now for freeor connect with the community Facebook.

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