Season 4 of Exoprimal will be the last – the previous season will be recurring every month


Capcom has confirmed that the fourth season of Exoprimal will be its last, ending live service support for the co-op dinosaur shooter.

But Capcom isn’t leaving the game to simply rot, unchanged, until the end of time—or, more accurately, until the servers are shut down. No, instead, they’ll begin cycling through previous seasons, giving players a chance to progress through the reward tracks and earn any items they may have missed before. Season passes for all seasons will be on sale.

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Season 4 ends on July 11, after which Season 1 will return. From then on, a novel season will start on the first of every month – so Season 2 in August, Season 3 in September, and so on. Exoprimal will also have routine missions recurring every week, which brings the Savage Gauntlet and Time Loop Rebellion endgames in and out of the playlist.

See Capcom Frequently Asked Questions About Exoprimal to find out all the details and dates.

Exoprimal debuted last July. It combines PvE and PvP elements to create an incredibly strange hybrid of gameplay that combines team-based shooter elements with multiplayer elements.

In our Exoprimal review, Dom said, “Exoprimal is a multiplayer shooter with a ton of potential. A good round combines all the PvP thrills of Overwatch with the mind-bending chaos of Earth Defense Force or Dynasty Warriors, but it’s so slow to engage that some players may just never get around to it.”

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