Screaming birds from the Elden Ring DLC ​​are terrifying players


Ring of Fire Players are scared in recently released games Shadow of Erdtree expansion, but not by a terrifying novel enemy or a deadly ecological trap. No, the source of this fear is an ordinary, squawking bird.

The meager forest located southeast of the starting Grace checkpoint on Gravesite Plain is one of the earliest landmarks you’ll see (and reach) in Shadow of Erdtree. There you’ll find some novel crafting materials from the expansion, a tough human enemy named Logur, the Beast Claw, who drops his titular weapon upon defeat, and a variety of ruined stone structures that beg to be explored.

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Some of these landmarks are home to eagle-like birds that dislike the player’s approach. And while they don’t attack, when disturbed, they do make a terrible screech that seems to startle some people. There are messages scattered around these areas warning others tarnished to “listen carefully ahead” and “mind the sound.” The spooky emotes attached to the warnings depict brave-looking adventurers entering the fetal position and raising their arms to the sky in defensive terror.

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“In this case, the jumpscare birds Ring of Fire The DLC may be the craziest thing they’ve ever done” said one player on X (formerly Twitter). “It’s not even an enemy you’re fighting, it’s just part of the local fauna.”

“Man, the bird sounds literally make me shit my pants.” said another Redditor.

“Damn jump scare!” said the third. “I got it twice within 20 minutes of starting the DLC. You have to get it Ring of Fire-branded defibrillator.”

Soulsborne veterans may remember that developer FromSoftware pulled the same trick Dark Souls 3Irithyll Dungeon, where certain items could be picked up a deafening, terrifying scream from the unseen creature. The birds aren’t that bad, but you could argue that their tranquil surroundings are a better deterrent.

It’s definitely too early for me to have an opinion on this Shadow of Erdtreebut either way, it’s nice to see that FromSoftware continues to tease gamers mercilessly.

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