Save 55% on the official ASUS ROG Ally charging station (also works with Steam)


This week only, Best Buy is offering official discounts ASUS ROG Ally charging station over 50% cheaper. It usually retails for $65, but today you can get it for $29.99. Note: This only works with ASUS ROG Ally, users have reported that it also works with Steam Deck. If you want a customary dock style charger, then Anker has a model that’s still much cheaper than the official Steam Deck.

ASUS ROG Ally Charging Station for $29.99

ASUS ROG 65 W charging station

The ASUS ROG Ally Charging Station is an extremely useful accessory if you want to connect your ROG Ally to an external monitor and apply peripherals. While the ASUS ROG Ally comes with a basic charger, it does not include a docking station. The charging station looks very similar to the basic brick-shaped charger, but with three ports instead of one. The USB Type-C output supports up to 60W of power, which is close to the ROG Ally’s maximum charging speed. There is also a USB Type-A port for connecting a keyboard, mouse or USB stick, and an HDMI 2.0 4K @ 60 Hz port for connecting an external TV or monitor.

Also compatible with Steam Deck

You can also apply this dock to charge your Steam Deck and view its videos on a larger monitor or TV. The Steam Deck accepts up to 38W of USB Type-C power, so it’s well within the charger’s maximum output of 60W. The the official Steam Deck dock it costs $79, so you’ll save substantial by purchasing the ASUS charger instead. If you really need a charging station that also serves as a stand for your Steam Deck, you may be more interested in the offer below.

Anker 6-in-1 USB Hub for ROG Ally and Steam Deck for $39

Anker Dock for Steam Deck / ROG Ally

Anker Dock for Steam Deck / ROG Ally

Anker also has its own docking charger for both the ASUS ROG Ally and Steam Deck. It’s currently available for $39.99. This model has a slot where you can slide your Steam Deck or ROG Ally console into it. It’s got a lot more features, like a 100W USB Type-C port, a 1Gbps Ethernet port, two 5Gbps USB Type-A ports instead of one, a second 5Gbps USB Type-C port, and a 4K HDMI 2.0 port. There’s also an integrated USB Type-C cable with a 90-degree connector that plugs right into the top of the console. The Anker dock is obviously larger than the ASUS charger, but it also has a better build quality, since the entire case is made of aluminum. The only caveat is that the slot is designed to fit over a bare Steam Deck or ROG Ally; if you have a case, you may need to remove it to make it fit.

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