Runiverse’s Forgotten Plans to Migrate Game to Ronin Platform This Summer


  • The Forgotten Runiverse Migrates to Ronin to speed up transactions and reduce fees, providing a smoother, more accessible gaming experience.
  • This fantastic MMORPG developed by Bisonic offers a huge world with an area of ​​200 km² divided into 36 regionsallowing players to own virtual lands, gather resources, and participate in PvP and PvE battles.
  • The announcement included: Closed Beta on July 31st and Public Event in August titled “New Foundations” marking the beginning of the pre-alpha phase of Ronin.

MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse has announced its migration to the Ronin blockchainleaving the previous platform on Arbitrum. This move aims to raise transaction speed and reduce feesoffering players a more seamless and accessible gaming experience.

Developed by Bisonic, a team of AAA game industry veterans, Forgotten Runiverse is part of the enormous Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult universe. This fantastic MMORPG offers A huge world with an area of ​​200 km² divided into 36 regions. It allows players Own virtual lands, gather resources, craft items, and take part in PvP and PvE fights.

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The announcement included: closed beta on July 31st. This will be followed by a public event titled “New Foundations” in August. Participants will have the opportunity to: get exclusive rewards and discover novel game features. These events mean Pre-alpha phase begins on Ronin. Where players are tasked with mining coins and building on their virtual plots of land.

The Forgotten Runiverse Uses Ronin’s Full Potential

The migration to Ronin is aimed at improve the technical experience of the game and leverage Ronin’s growing community of 1.44 million daily busy addresses. Ronin is at the forefront of the blockchain gaming industry. It provides a strong and scalable environment for large-scale projects like Forgotten Runiverse.

forgotten post runes

In addition to technical improvements, integration with Ronin will also raise the game’s availability on multiple platforms.. Including future mobile optimizations and availability on the Epic Game Store by the end of this year.

With a focus on community and busy player participation, Forgotten Runiverse invites users to contribute their own lore and content that directly impacts the game’s development and narrative. This interaction not only enriches the player experience, but also strengthens the universe’s identity and appeal.

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