Raucous shooter Selaco gets major update that adds weapon upgrades, mutators and more


The creators of fast-paced first-person shooter Selaco have released a major patch for the retro blaster, adding modern weapon upgrades and mutators that can change the game’s difficulty in piecemeal ways, like making enemies stronger to escalate the challenge. There are a ton of other fixes and changes, but among them is an admission that something was missing. “We completely understand that people want a dedicated kick button for all weapons,” the developers say. But wait, isn’t there already a slide kick in the game?

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“Kicks added!” shout the shooters. Patch notesin the section that details the changes to your character’s fists. What? “Press the melee button while your fists are out.” Oh, right. This is a Doom-based shooter, you see. So your fists are equipped just like any other weapon, and you perform punches with the “fire” button. Before the patch, you couldn’t kick your opponents in the ass while going for a full-on fistfight. But now you can. This Is improvement, good job.

There are a number of other fixes and improvements. The “Hard-boiled” mutator makes enemy soldiers more flanking and resistant to firearms, and also gives them “other surprises that we won’t spoil.” The submachine gun gets a “Magnetic rounds” upgrade that “increases damage against small robots.” And your super soldier is now indestructible for a very tiny moment at the start of a run. “The first few frames of a run will make Dawn immune to bullets,” the notes say. Other threats, like fire, will still hurt you while running, and the cooldown has been increased as a trade-off. But it’s still pretty useful.

I won’t go into detail, especially considering I still haven’t played this Doom meets FEAR game, but here are some very significant points from the changelog.

  • Gave koalas a significant health boost
  • Fixed an issue with severed heads not bouncing properly
  • Blood is now 0.2% more purple

If those brief notes don’t convince you, Ed assured us that the shooter is pretty good in his Selaco review. “For an early access release, Selaco is in really good shape. You’ve got a long campaign of 30 maps and a lot more to go with it,” he said. “And everything feels polished—I didn’t run into any issues or bugs.”

For now, the developers are taking a break before returning to work on Chapter 2. They previously set 2026 as the release date for version 1.0.

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