Ranking by class/generation statistics + effective options


Ranking by class/generation statistics + effective options[グレード/世代ステータス順位 + 有効オプション]

Hello, this is the leader of the Superwalk WLB Crew, Blueioi.

Hello, this is Blueioi, leader of the Super Walk WLB team.

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We have created rankings by integrating ranks/generations based on the latest statistical units we have provided. However, the chart sets the standard based solely on an option unit called “total stats” and there are other factors to consider.

In fact, all statistics-related options can be considered effective options.

[Effective Options]


  • Performance: Increase in points per minute (performance enhance)
  • Comfort: reduction in energy consumption per minute (enhance in efficiency)
  • Resilience: reduction of energy repair costs (enhance in efficiency)
  • Luck: Critical Probability/Probability of Getting an Item/Probability of Getting a Steam Pack (performance enhance)


  • Critical Probability: Increasing the probability of reaching the critical point (performance enhance)
  • Critical Damage: Increased critical point damage (performance enhance)
  • Scoring Speed: Increase in points per minute (performance enhance)

They all contribute to your daily earnings, although some stats are more recommended.

We have combined ranks/generations and created rankings based on the most recently submitted status units. However, this is a table that sets the standards for each option of all statuses and there are other things that actually need to be taken into account.

In fact, all status options can be considered valid options.



  • Task performance: Increased points per minute (increased efficiency)
  • Wearing experience: reduced energy consumption per minute (increased efficiency)
  • Resilience: Reduce energy repair costs (improve efficiency)
  • Luck: Critical Probability/Item Probability/Steam Pack Probability (Increased Performance)


  • Critical Probability: Increased Critical Probability when scoring points (improved efficiency)
  • Critical Damage: Increased critical damage when scoring (increased efficiency)
  • Scoring Speed: Increased points per minute (increased efficiency)

All of them affect your daily earnings, but there are also more recommended statuses.

I’ve already created a chart like this for you.

I’ve created a chart like this before.

There are additional effective option statistics to consider. While the chart above serves as a reference, the statistics for the highest effective options for each rank vary in value. Each rating shows a difference of 12 statistics. Let’s look at an example.

There are additional crucial option statuses to consider. While the chart above serves as a reference point, there are numerical differences in the highest status of valid options each rating may have. There are 12 status differences for each class. Now let’s look at an example.

Between Epic (4th-5th Gen) + All Stats +1 and Rare (0th Gen) + All Stats +2, stat rankings are localized. But remember that…

The status ranking ranges between Epic (4th to 5th Gen) + all stats + 1 and Rare (0th Gen) + all stats + 2. But you have to be careful here…

This is the base ranking as we see it. In Epics there is room for an additional +2 option, but in Rares there is now only one slot available for an effective option.

This is the standard ranking observed in this state. Epics have a +2 option slot, but rares only have a single vigorous option slot.

After applying the hypothetical effective options, Epics will actually have 48 more stats than Rares. The next chart I will show covers the existing grades/generations with +3 holes, including the effective option statistics.

Using this hypothetically correct option, Epic actually has 48 more stats than Rare. The chart below shows the existing ranks/generations plus release +3, including the status of vigorous options.

3-hole option + effective option application[オプション3解放+有効オプション適用]

This chart shows which class will have more stats when all three options are opened and effective options are used.

This chart will give you an idea of ​​which class has more stats when all three options are open and vigorous options are applied.

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