PSA: There are spoilers for Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree


Tiringly predictable, an action RPG Ring of Firethe first and only DLC, Shadow of Erdtree, is already being spoiled on the Internet, four days before its premiere. This warning comes from no less a source than its creator, FromSoftware. (There are no spoilers in this post.)

In a statement sent to the official Ring of Fire The X (formerly Twitter) team is warning players to be “mindful” in the week leading up to the expansion’s release. And he does it in the most gentle, non-accusatory way imaginable.

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“Please beware of spoilers,” reads the JPEG posted on Twitter, “for those who wish to enter the Shadow Realm with nothing but determination and an undisturbed mind.”

The subtext, of course, is “Please don’t be a dick and spread leaks.” Because of course, some who somehow got their hands on early copies did just that.

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One such leak on Reddit involved someone saying that a friend of theirs had a review compilation and posted alleged videos of boss fights, and then angrily contradicted those who claimed it was bogus. (Given that FromSoft has admitted that leaks exist, this would suggest that there is some validity to these claims.) After some prodding, the anon account uploaded a better quality, much longer video of what was supposedly the final boss fight. Although he adds, “My friend is sux, so I have no idea. He told me it was the final boss, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed something.

Elsewhere, the same account posted three-minute videos of high-profile fights with the characters mentioned in the titles, removing any surprises even for those who don’t click on the spoiler warnings in the clips. (I don’t know anything about Ring of Fire, so don’t worry that I’ve seen these things if you’re worried. It might as well be in Klingon.)

So be warned. A lot more of this will start to appear as Friday approaches, so if you want to really protect yourself, just set up a VPN that blocks all internet traffic, but for My city. We promise not to spoil anything.


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