PSA: Get your official, exclusive promo code for Zenless Zone Zero before its release


Players can earn an official, exclusive redemption code for Zen-free ground zero if they take action and do just one thing before the game is released on all platforms July 4, 2024. The code grants players a ton of in-game rewards and can be used on any platform with their account.

To receive free of charge Zero Zone Zero code to boost your account right after launching the game, players need to create a HoYoverse account and pre-register the game on their chosen platform via official game websiteI set up an account with my work and personal email, pre-registered for iOS and PS5, and received two game codes for my efforts.

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To earn Zero Zone Zero codes before you even show up

Screenshot from Zenless Zone Zero on YouTube

You can sign up until July 4, 2024 and receive these reward codes in your email. Both codes I received give me 300 Polychrome. As I mentioned above, these codes are universal and must be applied to your HoYoverse account, not a specific platform. So you can wait until the game is released, apply any code you receive, and then fully enjoy your rewards while playing.

This resource is used to replenish your battery charge, purchase up-to-date levels of the Eridu City Fund, purchase a master tape from the Signal Shop, and purchase an encrypted master tape from the Signal search menu.

Each master tape costs 160 Polychrome and is an integral part of acquiring up-to-date agents. Zen-free ground zero. This is the gacha mechanic of the game and how you collect as many characters as possible. This should give you an advantage in getting the best agents in the game early on.

Of course, as up-to-date Agents are added, you will need to purchase more using Master Tapes. The game is designed to make you want to spend real money on it to get these Agents, but with these early bonuses you can stick it out for a few weeks or updates and get a character you fall in love with as soon as its trailer drops.

Ben Bigger and Soldier 11 are on my list of characters I want to meet first Zenels Ground Zero. However, if there’s a game that’s going to add more incredibly unique characters with engaging stories to its roster, it’s this one. That means I’ll have trouble figuring out when to release Polychrome.

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