Pocketpair ensures that fans will receive official Palworld merchandise, if only they can wait a little longer


Like every fan Palworld let me tell you that the game is full of possibilities related to gadgets and gadgets that will decorate our homes. From plushies to action figures, clothes, and even terrifying nightmare fuel, if you look strenuous enough, you’ll find it all Palworld related, but none of them are official merchandise.

In a tweet this morning, Pocketpair assured that there will indeed be official merchandise on the way, if fans can wait a little longer before getting their hands on them.

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Accompanying this appeal was an intentionally faded image of the Cattiva plush, giving fans something to get excited about. However, the comments were mostly focused on fans asking for their favorite Pal in plush form – although I must say there has been a surprising lack of any for the Depresso plush.

Palworld’s unofficial merch is hit or miss

It’s unthreatening to say that there is a lot of unofficial Palworld merchandise out there. Quick search “Palworld merch” on Google will prove that the internet is overflowing with plushies and clothes that are almost good, but not quite. The scale isn’t quite right, starting with the stuffed animals with twisted eyes and ending with the sleep paralysis demon costumes I wrote about some time ago.

Need for Palworld the goods are of course there. There are a number of websites dedicated to selling unofficial merchandise from the game, and all of them have sold out of stuffed animals, so that must say something how much fans want these items in their homes.

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The problem is that each player has a different favorite Pal. Of course, there are Pals with a larger fan base, like Chillet, but each person has their own Pal. The only way to make any gamer plush lover joyful would be to release a Paldeck-wide plush line, which could prove problematic, especially given the ever-increasing number of Paldeck.

I just hope for an official Depresso plush to keep me company while I hide from the world and avoid human contact.

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