PlayStation 5 players will soon be able to join Discord voice chat directly from their console following an upcoming update


PlayStation 5 users can finally join Discord voice chat directly from their console thanks to a modern system update. The PS5 update will roll out gradually over the coming weeks for all accounts.

With the upcoming update, PS5 players will be able to join Discord voice chat without having to utilize the Discord desktop or mobile app.

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How to Join Discord Voice Chat on PS5

When an update becomes available, install it. You’ll also need to make sure your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts are connected. Open the Discord tab in Game Base. For the uninitiated: Game Base is part of the PS5 Control Center. Then select your desired Discord server or DM group. Once you select your preferred voice channel, you will see more details such as the current Discord members in the channel.

The modern update will also ensure that your PS5 console is notified whenever a Discord user calls you, and opening this notification will allow you to instantly join the Discord voice chat on PS5.

Sony is rolling out the update gradually to all regions, starting with Japan and Asia. The update will then be rolled out to Europe, Australia/New Zealand and the Middle East, followed by the Americas.

Share the profile coming next week

Photo from the PlayStation blog

Moreover, Sony will also introduce the profile sharing feature next week. This feature will allow players to share their PlayStation Network profile on instant messaging and social media applications. To share your PSN profile, select “Share Profile” in the PlayStation app or PS5 console. This will create a shareable link or QR code. When the intended recipient opens the link or scans the QR code, they will be given the option to add you as a friend on PlayStation Network.

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