Playing to Earn is Dead: Why ‘Tap to Earn’ Is a Big Change


Telegram mini apps are one of them narratives or rather the engines of this adoption cycle, and the tap-to-earn trend seems to be its main fuel. Although mid-range Telegram games like Cat or fantasy sports games Fanton have also shown significant progress, their user base is still circumscribed compared to the clicker giants.

Everything started with A little bitwhich has attracted over 40 million players since its launch on New Year’s Day 2024. 11.5 million of them became Web3 users, earning Notcoin ($NOT) tokens after its listing on Binance, OKX, and other major exchanges. levels.

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Their strategy was brilliant and has since been adopted by other viral apps such as Pixel Tap. Here’s the process: Start by playing completely off-chain to avoid friction between users, get as many players as possible through incentives and referrals, then announce the upcoming token airdrop.

Other strategies have also worked quite well. Takcoin and Cat (a popular P2E Telegram mini-app) was an early adopter of chain mechanics. Time will tell how the different approaches each team has chosen affect user conversion and retention, especially after the launch of Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, and PixelTap tokens. Catizen and Notcoin boast off-chain to on-chain conversion rates of 7% and 6.2%, respectively, significantly higher than Telegram’s 0.6% average.

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