Planet Coast 2 Unveiled With Waterparks and More Coming This Fall


Frontier Developments has revealed that Planet Coaster 2, the sequel to its hit theme park management game, will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in Fall 2024.

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Planet Coaster 2 will attempt to take your parks further than ever with the introduction of water attractions. These range from idle rivers and calming pools to water slides that loop around, tower over the surrounding park, and wave pools. There are even water rides that will connect both sides of the game.

There will be a ton of modern rides, several modern themes, and a ton of customizable scenery elements that will let you customize your theme park to your dreams. This includes modern ride smoothing in the creation tools, customizing colors and decorations for individual carriages or all at once, and a modern event sequencer to make sure animatronics appear at exactly the right time.

The game will feature four modern themes: a mythological, California-inspired resort, a moist aquatic theme, and a rustic Viking theme. Players will be able to choose from all the elements available in the game, combining them to create their own scenes and layouts.

Behind the modern themes and water slides are modern management tools. You’ll need to keep your guests vigorous with lifeguards, shade, and sunscreen, and you can delve into modern heat maps to better see what’s working and what’s not in your park.

In addition to the Career and Sandbox modes, there is also a ranked Franchise competition where you can share your save file with other players to build and customize your gameplay together, though this is a one-time experience.

It’s odd that it’s been eight years since Planet Coaster first came out on PC in 2016, though that’s partly because Planet Coaster: Console Edition didn’t arrive until 2020. Either way, it was the game that reinvigorated the genre, and in our original Planet Coaster review Dave said: “Planet Coaster feels like a step into more modern times for the genre. There are some concerns when it comes to the camera and the subsequent patience required to build the perfect theme park, but if you have the stamina to meticulously design the elements of your park, the possibilities are almost endless.”

Source: press release

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