Palworld showcases the recent Pal in the latest Paldeck video ahead of the Sakurajima update


We are used to seeing recent Paldeck films released by Palworld every weekend, but the one released on June 15 is slightly different. Instead of presenting the Buddy We Met, they showed the Buddy We Haven’t Met Yet – Chillet Ignis.

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Chillet has become a fan favorite among players. The original Ice-type Pal is a fluffy-looking dragon that can deal massive amounts of damage while also looking cute, and the Ignis variant is no exception.

Chillet Ignis looks like someone took the original Chillet and turned up the color temperature, which is fitting because as a Fire-type, this Pal is likely to bring heat. Apparently the Chillet Ignis can spin so rapid that it creates sparks, so it might be best to give it a wide berth until it warms up. Pun intended.

The Alpha Chillet Ignis featured in the Paldeck video is level 52, which is an electrifying reminder that more levels are coming when the Sakurajima update arrives on June 27. This is great news for anyone like me who has taken a break due to lack of levels to beat or recent content to experience.

We usually get two Paldeck videos every weekend, so the next one should be posted tomorrow. The teaser at the end of the Chillet Ignis video shows another much-loved Pal even though he hasn’t appeared in the game yet – Croajiro, a diminutive frog armed with a stick.

Photo via Pocketpair

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