Our New Narrative: Delivering the Future of Gaming Driven by Data and AI


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At Spielworks, two things are true: we are gamers and pioneers.

When we were founded in 2018, our goal was uncomplicated: to harness the potential of thrilling modern technologies in gaming.

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Since then, two major technologies have hit the gaming industry. The first was web3. The second was AI.

We believe in web3. Over the past 6 years, we’ve grown Wombat into a web3 gaming ecosystem for over 4 million players, acquired leading web3 social app Wasder and popular asset marketplace AtomicHub, and taken our first steps toward becoming a web3 games publisher with Chainmonsters.

We also believe in AI. We understand how it lays the foundation for smart NPCs, realistic characters, and a level of immersion never seen before—but we, like you, also have real concerns about data privacy, consent, and player agency.

The question is clear: how can web3 technologies and AI work together in a way that improves the experience, puts the player first, and delivers value to all users?

Once AI technology took off, internally, our next steps were clear. We had built world-class web3 gaming products and had the energy, passion, and expertise to bring AI into the game.

We believe in web3. We believe in artificial intelligence.

We will deliver a web3 gaming revolution powered by data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We want to make it clear: we do not jump on the advertising train, we do not make empty promises and we do not push dreams on you that we cannot fulfill.

We’ve spent the last 12 months laying the groundwork to focus on AI-driven web3 games – acquiring the talent, products, and partnerships necessary to make this happen.

In the previous post we asked three questions:

  1. Why should others utilize your data and you get nothing?
  2. What if games could become living, evolving experiences?
  3. How can we reap the benefits of AI in games while avoiding concerns?

Our goal is to set the standard for AI in web3 games. This includes three main threads:

  1. Developing protocols, network infrastructure and conventions necessary for the development of the industry
  2. Implementing AI in games to improve NPCs, story, and gameplay features, and create modern ways to play
  3. Creating practical tools for communities to own, develop, trade, and be rewarded for their AI training data

This is revolution through evolution. Wombat, AtomicHub and our other products will not only see a range of novel AI-powered improvements, but will become the cornerstone of how we deliver a modern era in gaming.

With game discovery through Wombat, asset trading through AtomicHub, and Chainmonsters and Dungeon Worlds under our publishing wings, we have the full ecosystem we need to start bringing the fruits of our AI work to the public. We want them to be many, broad, and impactful not only across all of our products, but across the industry as a whole.

We are currently working on a wide range of AI protocols, systems, and integrations—some are long-term, some are medium-term, and some will arrive sooner than you might think.

Each of these solutions was built with the web3 platform in mind, and we’re committed to ensuring that no matter how we work with AI, we do it in a way that aligns with the needs of our products, increases player freedom, and puts you — our amazing community — at the heart of everything we do.

Ownership, privacy, and value are at the core of these systems, and with the support of our partners (more on that soon!) our modern set of technologies will bring truly revolutionary changes to the way we play, earn, and experience video games.

We won’t go into detail just yet, but these improvements will significantly strengthen our entire ecosystem – with particularly thrilling plans for Chainmonsters, CR01, and more.

A full breakdown of our short-term, mid-term, and long-term development plans will be released soon — along with modern websites and branding, a first look at our in-game AI implementation, a data marketplace, and more — but before that happens, as we unite Spielworks and its products in one clear direction, we need to unite the core of our ecosystem: our tokens.

More details later this week in litepaper.

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