One Helldivers 2 player just survived a mission using an incredible amount of stims


At this point we are all used to Helldivers 2 gameplay loop. We drop down to a planet, maybe kill a few bugs or bots, get killed, deploy again as backup, and repeat this process until the mission is complete. Well, one player didn’t get the memo and pumped the Helldivers full of stim to keep them alive.

Player on Helldivers 2 subreddit he twice shared his frankly amazing feat of keeping the Helldivers alive as long as possible, using first 218 and then 270 stims, each in a single mission. When you consider that most players get 4/6 stims per Helldiver, and these won’t get recharged unless you utilize armor bonuses or send a follow-up Stratagem, it starts to sound like a huge pain in the neck, not only for the player, but also the needy Helldivers stabbing himself every 2 minutes to survive.

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Helldivers 2 the player leaves the mission with an unprecedented number of 270 used stimulators

User BoomyGordo initially posted on Helldivers 2 subreddit about how they managed to get out of the mission using a whopping 218 stims. However, they did not record their efforts, so fans doubted them. So they went back into the game using the same strategy to barely survive the mission using an astonishing 270 stims.

As seen in the video aboveduring this mission, they used up their entire reinforcement budget, which means they died at least five times anyway because they had nothing left at the end. It seems that they managed to get so many stims in one mission using the supply pack and resupply stratagems.

They fill their backpack with all the supplies they can carry and utilize the stimulation until they need a refill. By the time they need to refill their backpack, the resupply strategy will be ready, so they can recall it and repeat the process. It looks tedious in the video, but I think with more players you wouldn’t notice the process being so monotonous.

This stim strategy probably isn’t great if you’re trying to complete as many goals as possible, but it shows that one player on a team can keep their stim supply high enough to heal everyone else if needed. With strategies like these, we’ll be able to save many more civilians the next time we’re called upon to serve and we’re forced to choose which primary order we should obey.

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