NYT Mini Crossword Today: Puzzle answers for Friday, June 14


The New York Times showed up at CES 2023 with Delta to confirm that a game featured in the publication is part of the upcoming Delta Exclusives Hub. Delta Air Lines passengers will soon be able to play Wordle, Spelling Bee and more during flights using the airline’s free Wi-Fi.
Currently, Delta travelers only have free access to iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. However, starting February 1, Delta Air Lines plans to offer Delta SkyMiles members free Wi-Fi, and much of the content will be available on a up-to-date landing page called Delta Exclusives Hub.
When Delta Exclusives Hub launches in spring 2023, the hub will give passengers free access to games like Wordle, Spelling Bee and The Crossword on U.S. domestic flights, whether they are New York Times subscribers or not.
The announcement comes nearly a year after Wordle was acquired by The New York Times at the height of its status as a social media phenomenon. Although it’s no longer as trendy as it was a year ago, Wordle still attracts many players and is a major part of The New York Times Games offering. The New York Times in particular seems keen to expand the number of places where you can play Wordle, as it integrated it into its Crossword app in December 2022.
By bringing Wordle and its other games to the Delta Exclusives Hub, New York Times Games will expose its offerings to even more people while ensuring that players always have a chance to check out Wordle on a given day, even if they’re traveling all day.

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