Nikke Tier List and Redraw Guide, June 2024


Rank Nikke Characters S Alice, Blanc, Crown, D: Killer Wife, Dorothy, Liter, Maxwell, Modernia, Naga, Noir, Red Hood, Scarlet, Scarlet: Black Shadow, Tia AND 2B, A2, Alice: Bunny in Wonderland, Anis: Shining Summer, Centi, Dolla, Emilia, Helm: Aquamarine, Ludmilla: Winter’s Landlady, Marciana, Noise, Privacy, Privacy: Rude Maid, Rapunzel, Rem, Snow White, Soda : Twinkle Bunny, volume B Anis, Biscuit, Drake, Elegg, Guillotine, Harran, Helm, Kilo, Laplace, Mary: Goddess of the Bay, Mika: Snow Buddy, Miranda, N102, Pepper, Poli, Quency, Rupia, Snow White: Innocent Days C Ade, Admi, Diesel, Epinel, Guilty, Jackal, Leona, Makima, Mast, Moran, Nihilister, Noah, Novel, Pascal, Power, Quiry, Sakura, Sugar, Tove, Thrones, Viper, Yulha D Anchor, Anne: Wonder Fairy, Aria, Bay, Belorta, Clay, Cocoa, D, Exia, Folkwang, Frima, Himeno, Ludmilla, Maiden, Mary, Mihara, Milk, Neon: Blue Ocean, Nero, Rapi, Rupia: Winter Shopper , Grzech, Soda, Soline, Vesti, Yan, Yuni to me Brid, Crow, Delta, Emma, ​​​​Ether, Eunhwa, iDoll Flower, iDoll Ocean, iDoll Sun, Isabel, Julia, Mica, Neon, Neve, Product 08, Product 12, Product 23, Rei, Rosanna, Shifty, Signal, Soldier EG, Soldier FA, Soldier OW

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