New tap-to-earn game ‘TapSwap’ launches today on TON amid notcoin boom


  • Click Replace is emerging as a leader in the tap-to-earn gaming sector on Telegram, with over 50 million vigorous users.
  • Players can Earn cryptocurrencies by tapping a coin on the screen and completing additional tasks accumulate points.
  • TapSwap will launch its own TAPS token, on the TON blockchain, with plans to introduce “Tap Pools” for exchanging points for tokens.

With the boom of tap-to-earn games on Telegram, TapSwap appears as one of the most promising players. With over 50 million vigorous userscaught the attention of the crypto community by announcing an upcoming attack Open Network Blockchain (TON).

TapSwap, reminiscent of previous games such as Notcoin and Hamster Kombat, allows players Earn cryptocurrencies just by tapping the screen. The mechanics are straightforward: users obtain gold coin in the middle of the screen to accumulate points, using energy that is renewed over time. In addition to this basic action, players can perform special tasks such as joining social media communities or registering on exchange platforms to earn extra points.

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The highlight of TapSwap is its recent announcement launch its own token called TAPS on the TON blockchain. This move aims to build on the success of similar games that have integrated tokens with TON. Leverage advanced capabilities and a growing community.

a ton of tapswap

TapSwap had to postpone the airdrop

In addition to the game itself, it will introduce TapSwap “Touch Pools.” A feature that allows players to exchange earned points for TAPS tokens. Although it was initially planned to be released at the end of May. It was postponed to July 1 due to bots attempting to exploit the airdrop system.

It will provide integration with the TON blockchain a more solid platform for TapSwap. He will also deliver improved user experience thanks to rapid and competent token transactions and increased security.

With these initiatives, TapSwap aims to strengthen its leadership position in the tap-to-earn gaming sector. He tries too attract a broad user base interested in exploring fresh ways to earn cryptocurrency through vigorous participation in mobile games.

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