New set photos have fans divided over Ellie’s appearance in The Last Of Us season 2


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HBO is filming The Last of Usthe second season and even though we got official look in Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, most of what we saw The Last of Us Part II the adaptation comes from an unofficial one, removed later set of photos. More photos like this have surfaced from the Vancouver set, and some fans are skeptical about the show’s attempt to recreate Ellie’s look from the sequel. But hey, we also got a first look at the Seraphite cult that she and the others will be facing off against throughout many seasons of the series.

Celebrity News Service Canadagraphy posted photos of Ramsey and Isabella Merced on set and in costume as Ellie and Dina, offering the best look we’ve gotten of the two on what appears to be a revenge trip to Seattle. As seen in previous set photos, Ramsey has her hair tied back in a similar fashion to Ellie’s in the sequel, but it’s noticeably longer. Here, they’re wearing the gray and blue overshirt and jeans that Ellie wore in the Seattle segments.

This is the first time we see Ramsey with Ellie’s tattoo. It depicts a moth landing on a fern and stretches along her right forearm. She uses it to cover up a chemical burn where her infected cordyceps bite used to be, so she can hide her immunity. But the more we see of the show’s costumes, the more fans start to nitpick about details like hairstyles and the size/placement of tattoos that don’t quite match Ellie’s in-game model.

While Ellie and Dina’s appearance on the show was met with some backlash, many other fans argued that overall it doesn’t have a substantial impact on the series’ plot and character arcs. Ramsey is not an exact copy of Ellie, so some adjustments need to be made. Also, if people want to watch something that is identical to the game, they can… play the game.

While Ellie and Dina have people in their feelings, people seem to be pretty universally positive in what appears to be the first look at the Seraphites. These people are a cult in Seattle, and Ellie mostly goes through their story during her time in the city, and some set photos show what appears to be a group of actors in costume between takes. Based on what we know about HBO’s plans for The Last of Uswe’ll probably see more of the Seraphites in season 3 if the show splits Part twothe story is the same as in the game. But we will not delve into this hypothesis, so as not to spoil it.

The Last of UsThe second season will premiere in 2025. Ramsey and Pascal will reprise their roles, but the series will also feature several recent cast membersincluding Kaitlyn Dever as Abby.


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