New sales data for Hellblade 2 gives a clearer picture of how it fared on Xbox Game Pass and in the charts


Hellblade II was billed as one of the biggest exclusives of 2024 when it launched in May, but overall sales numbers have been difficult to come by since launch. Now, thanks to Circan’s latest sales data, we have a clearer idea of ​​its performance.

According to Circan analyst Mat Piscatella, Hellblade II ranked 37th in total sales for May 2024, which puts it 21st on Xbox Series consoles. Hellblade II did not receive a physical release.

It’s worth noting that Hellblade II was released on Xbox Game Pass at launch, as confirmed by engagement data, where it ranked 12th on Xbox in terms of monthly energetic users. That puts it just behind Fallout 76 on the platform, but ahead of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Apex Legends, and Forza Horizon 5.

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Piscatella shared the sales information on X/Twitter, as Hellblade II’s results prevented the game from appearing on any major charts. Xbox and Ninja Theory have said little about Hellblade II’s sales since its release, leaving fans to speculate on concurrent Steam results and other data. publisher Chris Dring noted that the game failed to enter the top 100 European sales charts, which he described as “brutal month” for game sales.

The sequel to Ninja Theory’s acclaimed action-adventure game, Hellblade II, was announced shortly after Xbox acquired the studio in 2018 and eventually released earlier this year. It was described as a “watershed moment in the evolution of real-time visuals” by Digital Foundryand in our review we wrote, “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is a gripping adventure full of cinematic spectacle and plot surprises that maintains a sense of dynamic pace and never wastes a second of its short running time.”

Elsewhere, Ghost of Tsushima returned to the top spot with its release on Steam, while Call of Duty dominated the sales charts for both Xbox and PlayStation. Overall, it was a tough month for hardware spending, with all three consoles seeing double-digit declines.

With Hellblade II now available, Xbox is looking ahead to the rest of 2024, with Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Avowed among the first-party releases on its calendar. You can check out all the other biggest games of 2024 here .

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