New Elden Ring Dragon Can Defeat Dragons From House of the Dragon, Study Confirms


In Game of Thrones, dragon size matters. The #1 threat in The Dragon House is Vhagar, a dragon feared not only for his size but also for his unusual stealth. Somehow, nobody sees aged Vhagar approaching. But in another universe written by George RR Martin, the size of a dragon can be a liability. The largest dragons in Ring of Fire they are not alive.

Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree recently escalated the dragon’s size to an absurd degree. The modern, unnamed (and dead) dragon found west of the Finger Ruins of Rhia region in the DLC is now the largest dragon to appear in any FromSoftware game, according to modern video from YouTube creator Zullie the Witch. This unnamed dragon is so immense that it is part of the landscape; its body is drawn on The shadow of the Erd treeUser map.

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The previous record holder for the largest dragon was the great old dragon Gransax, whose body rests in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and on which players must climb at some point. Gransax measures 328 meters from head to tail, almost twice as long, according to Zulli’s calculations Demon Souls‘the enormous Dragon God. But the anonymous dragon that rests at the feet Ring of FireJagged Peak is an impressive 392 meters long—over 2.5 times longer than Vhagar, which is 150 meters long. Over 300 meters is clearly an unsustainable size; there simply isn’t enough turtle neck meat in the Shadowlands to sustain a dragon of that mass.

Is The shadow of the Erd treerecord dead drake “dragon peak”? At least for now, and maybe forever. “Where FromSoftware is now, in terms of scale, I would say Ring of Fire “This is truly the limit,” game director Hidetaka Miyazaki said recently Guardian“We’ve used every resource and talent that we have access to… scaling that any further, I have my concerns.”

Sure, it speaks to the overall scope of the game, but the size of the dragons in Ring of Fire is closely tied to its massive world and FromPliable’s ambitions. Regardless, Vhagar better watch out.

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