New decorations and summary in First Settlers!


Hello everyone!

Today we want to focus exclusively on the modern First Settlers NFT decorations! Firstly, to refresh your mind with those that we have presented in recent weeks, and finally to announce… 2 modern collections!

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Please note that in First Settlers, these NFT decorations are no longer placed in your buildings: they are placed directly in your biome. All buildings in your biome will be upgraded in one way or another, depending on the building type. So… decorations are more significant than ever in First Settlers!

To refresh your mind, remember that we have already presented several NFT Decor collections: torches, obelisks, vintage machines and jizo.

Please note that decorations from the same collection may have different biomes and rarities. When playing First Settlers, it’s up to you which one you focus on: do you prefer to get all the decorations from one collection to get the full collection bonus? Is your goal to have the rarest ornaments in all your collections? Will you focus on one biome? Before you complete missions, consider your play style and strategy… resources are confined!

Alright, let’s check out not one, but two modern NFT Decorations collections! The first one is… Stone lanterns!

Personally, I think these would look pretty cold paired with the Jizo collection, don’t you think? For those who want to give their biome a Japanese aesthetic.

And our latest modern NFT Decor collection is… Stained glass!

With a kokedamas theme, these decorations will turn your biomes into a attractive cathedral-like environment. Which one is your favorite?

We still have a few NFT decoration collections to announce, so don’t worry: First Settlers has a collection for every type of player.

Finally, we wanted to clarify an issue related to a bug found in the latest version of Google Chrome, which causes the game to freeze while loading. To fix this, updating Chrome to the latest version seems to work (Help → About Google Chrome); if it still doesn’t work, try opening the game with developer tools busy in Chrome (Tools → More Tools → Developer Tools). Very grateful to those who reported the bug, thanks!

That’s all for today, thank you all!

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