NBA 2K25 already has a release date, and for the first time in the series’ history, the cover will be shared by NBA and WNBA players


2K revealed NBA 2K25release date and a selection of covers, one of which features the NBA and WNBA sharing the same piece of artwork for the first time in the series’ history. Mark September 6 on your calendar, because that’s the date you’ll be able to take to the court.

As described in post on a blogyou will have the option to purchase the standard edition, All-Star edition, or Hall of Fame edition, and GameStop Exclusive is also offering a physical WNBA edition for those in the US and Canada.

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Each issue features a different cover featuring one or two of this year’s cover stars: Boston Celtics petite forward Jayson Tatum, Las Vegas Aces power forward A’ja Wilson and legendary slam dunker and former Toronto Raptors player Vince Carter.

The All-Star Edition is the most compelling in terms of the cover, as NBA star Tatum, who just won a ring, will be sharing the court with two-time MVP and WNBA champion Wilson, marking the first time in the series’ history that both male and female players will do so. While 2K has made an admirable effort to integrate the WNBA into its games over the past few years, offering you the chance to exploit its teams in-game and compete for the WNBA championship throughout the season, the WNBA players have usually only graced the cover of the WNBA editionwhich Wilson intends to do this year as well.

“Being featured on the cover of NBA 2K25 is a huge moment for me and a testament to the WNBA’s ever-growing fan base,” Wilson says in the post. “Seeing more and more WNBA players scanned into NBA 2K25 to truly capture the style and confidence of the league has been empowering, and I can’t wait for fans to experience it in-game.”

This year will also see another cold development in the form of PC gamers getting the same next-gen version of the game as on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, instead of the previous-gen version that will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Yes, needy PC users, this means that “PC players with compatible specs will now benefit from the improved realism of ProPLAYTM technology and the ability to compete in modes like MyNBA, The W, and in The City.”

In terms of price, the standard edition costs £69.99/$69.99 unless you’re playing on Switch, which is the same price as the physical WNBA edition in North America, and the All-Star Edition costs £89.99/$99.99 and includes exactly the same amount of in-game stuff you’d expect to find in MyTeam and MyCareer. Then there’s the Hall of Fame Edition, which costs £129.99/$149.99, includes a few extras over All-Star – including a 12-month subscription to NBA League Pass – and will only be on sale until September 8.

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